In the land of P. Wood...

Every now and again, the guys back in the wheel department start to dream. Dreaming of big dreams of long rides, good beer, and what the world would be like if the Phil Wood Spoke Cutter ruled the world... Yes, I am serious.

So sit back, relax, hell put your feet up and let your imagination go as we drift off to the magical land of P. Wood...

As we become accustom to this new land it seems strangely familiar, not too different from the world we know now but only better. No, this is not a world of candy cains and lolly pops but a world of precision and excellence. This is a world where there is no human error and the spokes are always the perfect length and have amazing threads; where spoke tension is never a battle. This is the world we would expect from a machine such as the Phil Wood Spoke Cutter and Threader.

It might come as some surprise that this world is a magical place where your coffee if always at the right temperature; never too hot, never too cold. Always tasting almost sweet but alive with the full flavor of the beans. There would be no need to find fair trade coffee beans either, for this is a place where all is fair and equal. Coffee would not be a necessity either, rather a spice of life because in the Land of P. Wood you would never run late, always waking up at the perfect time.

There are seasons here, yet they don't interfere with life and serve as a marking of time. In the winter, there is plenty of snow for the holiday season but the snow is only in the grass and in the trees, never on the pavement. In the spring, mud is contained to the single track and mountain trails yet there is never a need to wash your kit since it will always be clean. In summer, the sun will always shine, the nights will always be clear and the occasional thunderstorm will only roll in during the night to help usher you to sleep. Then in the fall, the leaves will continue to fall but mysteriously disappear never needing to be raked.

We are all family here in the Land of P. Wood: from Roadies and Mountain bikers, to BMXers and recumbent riders all get along as brothers and sisters. This is a place where you spouse reminds you that 'It's ok, you need time with your buddies and on your bike. Go on!'. Oh, this is a magical place where the Phil Wood Spoke Cutter rules the land.

So ends our little daydreaming of this perfect Utopia...

In all seriousness, a big thanks to all the crew over at Phil Wood for continuing to put out amazing products!

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