Yesterday, on our Twitter we teased that we had a big announcement. If you're checking this at 12:01, hopefully this will not disappoint. A project, code named 'Cobia' [yes a tip of the hat to the projects lead, Jeff Jacobi], has been in development since last year's Interbike.

As you are aware, at Velocity we have continually been part of the wheel renaissance. We've seen wheel diameters come and go, with the recent resurgence of alternative sizes coming in the mountain realm. The classic 26" wheel size to now the 29er and 650b becoming more and more prevalent; each providing the rider with their preferred preference for riding style and rider size to wheel combination.

Over the years, we have seen countless bicycles for riders that the wheels are not proportionate to the size of not only the frame but also the rider. Recent studies are showing that the average American's height is going up at a dramatic rate, in 2020 the average American males height will be 6'1" which was a startling statistic given that that same segment now at 5'11". The example of a rider over the height of 6'2", often the frame geometry makes the wheels appear to be closer to that of 650c than the 700c. Yes, esthetically it's an eye sore; we'd argue that the ride quality and performance for the taller riders is negatively effected because of this.

Traction began to really take place on the project at the beginning of 2010, as we examined the needs of the road market and partnering with a few tire companies; a wheel crafted close to our Aerohead and A23 rims began to take shape. Our Australian counterparts were up to challenge and have produced a rim that is definitely on the cutting edge of the market. On Tuesday we received the first prototypes.

Enter the 750c Road Wheel.

Yes, you read that correctly. As our tests are confirming, the 750c wheel we will turn the road market on it's side. Like the mountain market with it's 26", 650b, and 29er options, the road rider will now be able to choose between the 650c, 700c and 750c wheel sizes. Right now all we are willing divulge is that our yet to be named 750c rim has the Bead Seat Diameter [BSD] of 673, this is a subtle difference between the 700c [which is at 622], it will be 23mm wide and is road tubeless. This addresses the main 2 requests of the taller rider: improved ride quality and ride performance.

The obvious next question is there a bicycle on the market that can accommodate this larger wheel? With the popularity of the custom fitting and custom bicycle building, we have been in discussions with builders around the United States for months discussing bringing this to market. We are working with local Grand Rapids frame builder, Mark Cramer [formerly of Nuke Proof], to produce the first prototype 750c road frame. The frame is in it's final stages of production and testing should begin the next week. The frame is being built for one of the riders on the Founders Ale Team, Ralph Scharnowski. Ralph is 6'7" and has always struggled to find a a bike that allows him to get into a solid riding position even with having professional fit done. Both ourselves and Cramer are confident that the combination of the 750c wheel and the frame will revolutionize road industry for riders like Ralph. An added benefit to the 750c is it's ability to fit easily into mountain 29er frames. Providing another option for commuters of ALL sizes searching for the 'do everything' bike.

Like the 29 inch mountain bike wheel. There was resistance at first from the industry but as more and more people try them out, the 29 inch phenomenon continues to grow and take over the market. If it weren't for those willing to push the envelope of conventional thinking, we would still be on 26". We are convinced that the 750c wheel is the what comes next in road!

750c - The Evolution of Revolution.


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