Devan and her B43s

The 700cmx scene is predominated by mostly males, many of whom have made the leap over from their bmx roots. With the likes of riders like Tom LaMarche and Eric Puckett, to name a few of the many, who are pushing the limit as to what can be done on a fixie. There is a growing movement of women who have started to dive into this, one of those being Devan Mickell.

Sunday Edit from Devan Mickell on Vimeo.

Devan is out of Nashville and is one of our sponsored riders, her love for cycling is contagious and it's been a privilege working with her. She recently did a little write up on the B43's she's been rocking for a while now and we can't wait for her to get onto the Chukkers also.


Velocity Sponshorship & B43 Review

I'm really excited to announce that I'm riding for Velocity now and just placed my order for my new Velocity Chukkers today. I've ridden both Velocity Deep V's and B43's, and they're definitely a product and company I feel I can really stand behind. I just want to thank Velocity for being so great and giving me this opportunity! With that said, since I'm getting some new rims, I figured I'd go a head and give a little review of my Velocity B43s. Continue reading to check it out.

After over a year of racing, jumping stairs and ledges, wrecking, commuting, tricking, running into about everything, playing polo, and just all around riding hard and putting these rims to the test, they're still in perfect shape and not the least bit out of tru. Basically, they're tough; the toughest rims I've ridden on yet. But who would argue with that? They're 43mm deep and triple walled. What really makes this rim unique is that it does not sacrifice speed for strength. Too often are those terms mutually exclusive, especially when it comes to rims. Rather, the B43 attains a great balance for getting around fast while still enduring whatever the road throws out you. If you're looking for a good rim that's versatile enough for all types of riding, then the B43 is it. I absolutely love mine and I would highly recommend them.

Jumping a 5 stair with front and rear B43s and 23c tires

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