5th All City

We won't hide it. Here at Velocity we're fans of All-City Bikes. I don't mind tooting our own horn and say that our wheels do look spectacular on their rigs. One of their co-founders, Jeff Frane, another friend in the industry who also heads up Bike Jerks, for the last 5 years has put on a little gathering over in the Twin Cities or the Cities or MPLS or Minneapolis, Minnesota [pick your fancy depending on your region] and we're glad to be a part of it again for the coming edition in August.

Here's the rundown of events:

Thursday Night - Fixed Gear Freestyle Heavyweight Championship of the World
I'm renting out a skatepark for 3 hours. One hour of jam, and two hours of contest. We will ride from One on One to the park, get rad, and then go swimming. A & B classes, and a women's division if there are any women interested in competing.

After the amazing experience that was Midwest Mayhem, I am super excited to hopefully host all of the heavyweights of the FGFS scene. Fly in Thursday during the day, ride the comp, and on Friday we'll spend the day riding street (there are some crazy spots here, and lines that we've been waiting to see get done). The rest of the weekend will be a nonstop party. Talk to your sponsors, beg your parents, whatever you gotta do, just get here. It's gonna be a big deal.

Friday Night - Match Sprints, Trackstand, Afterparty
Head to Head single elimination tournament, mens and women's divisions. The Robeast is the three year running champ, can any of you hosses out there dethrone the King of Sprint? As for trackstand, it will be a trackstand comp with people yelling "take your shirt off" the whole time. The Bedlam theatre (best balcony in town) will be hosting us after the sprints, drink specials!

Saturday - All City Championship Alleycat Race, Afterparty
It's going to be a racer's race with the most badass woman and man taking home the title of "All City Champ." If you think you're fast, show up and prove it. Men's and Women's categories with prizes for 1st through 3rd place. There will also be a masters division for men and women 35 and up, a prize for first fixed gear, and a DFL winner.

Expect picks and drops, a time trial component, and about 25 miles or so of racing. I will be posting several of the manned stops ahead of time to help level the playing field for the out of town contingent.

The awards and afterparty will be in the alley behind One on One, there will be several kegs, and hopefully Kopish and D.O. (sp?) will be spinning jams. Likely some hot derby action will ensue. There are few things better than a good party in a downtown alley, and this is going to be a good one.

There may also be a little street fair in the alley before the race for any sponsors who want to come out and setup a table and show/sell their goods.

Sunday - Freeride
Zito's annual booze cruise wraps up the weekend on Sunday. A slow leisurely ride through town with beer, DJ's, and fireworks. The perfect capper to the weekend's festivities.

This is a weekend of bike bliss. Mark your calendars. Be there. It's not only the right thing to do but it's worth it.

Don't forget about this weekend either. The Midwest is really the place to be.

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