Event Videos.

In my search for the illusive ESPN video from the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship, I stumbled onto a few other videos from other events we've sponsored recently... Enjoy.

From Last Stand Waterfront Bike Polo Tourney back on July 9th-11th...

From NAHBPC [a local report]...

From the 2009 Lumberjack 100...

From the Summer Fix LA last weekend...

Summer Fix LA 2010 from Stop The Traffic on Vimeo.

From the Hell Yes! Sprints in Grand Rapids this past spring with Ryan, Jacobi and a hairy Matt in the background, why hasn't this been found sooner?

The ESPN video... it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. Until then... two randoms for you.

Deep V's!

THE BIKE SERIES - EP. 2 from Jon Chou on Vimeo.

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