Stay Gold

Rest easy this isn't our pitch for Cash4Gold, but with gold at an all time high... You know the spiel, in the cycling realm, our Cash4Bike is the local pawn shop, unless you're in Toronto, and is never a place we'd want to see any bike we care about land. But I digress.

'Stay Gold' - The mantra of designer Benny Gold of San Fransisco.
To me, it's a reminder that all the ideas and experiences that we hold dear are the real gold inside each of us. This is what shapes us, what preserves our sense of self, and what keeps us young. When it came time for me to establish my own brand, I hadn't wavered from that concept, which is how the Benny Gold brand came to be.
_ BG

Benny Gold: Stay Gold from hypebeast.tv on Vimeo.

From Kirk Pacenti on the P35 to Benny Gold on the special edition Deep V's, we partner with these visionaries like these because of their innovation, knowledge and expertise in their specific fields. And it doesn't hurt that they are class act individuals.

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