So it's the 21st century with nearly a decade behind us, our world has been transformed by the digital culture and subcultures: Websites, blogs, instant messages, direct messages, Facebook, and Twitter. We can't run from it nor hide from it, posting this, micro or macro posting that.

All of this is nothing new.

Of course, we always enjoy it when messages come our way via the Tweed-machine. RTs, responses to our posts or the simple thank yous, all are welcome. A few as of late:

All this to remind everyone of the Temporary Tat Bag-O-Goodies Give A Way. We'll be posting a majority of the submissions, along with our favorites, as they come in on our Twitter. If you submit a photo, along with emailing it to me [adam@velocityusa.com] with all your contact information, feel free to at your Twitter handle.

And why not for you post July 4th hump-day blues, a video making the splash on the ol' intro-web but edited by the Autotune guys...

... see the original here.

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