Events of Note.

There are a few events that we are excited about this week and weekend. One that started yesterday, just to our north here in Michigan in Traverse City, the Third Coast Bicycle Festival. A week spent celebrating just about everything you can imagine involving a bicycle. From crits to 'cross, skids to polo, group rides to races, and movie. There is some thing going on every day this week, with plenty of free events also. A crew of GR folk, including Matt and Alex representing, are heading up at the end of the week for the Fixed Gear Symposium and to play some polo. If you have a chance, it's hard to beat Traverse City this time of year... plus there is the Microbrew and Music Festival going on that the cyclocross race is riding through, 2,000 people are expected there alone to cheer and jeer you on! For a list of all the weekly events, check it out here.

Then there is the final stop of the VeloCity 2010 tour out west in San Fran. Track racing at it's best. For more information check out their website at velocitysf.wordpress.com.

Finally, there is another race going on this weekend. This Saturday, it's much more informal and in the spirit of the Barry Roubaix it's called Misery Love Company gravel race. The normal banter has begun between two of our 'giants' and it looks like the third installment is soon to go down. More hype on this as perimeters of the challenge between the two are set.

Stay tuned for the new battle royale details and poster!

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