New Release: Velocity 700c Psycho

We make no qualms about keeping our ear to the ground, listening to the cries of cyclists then pushing forward to produce a product that meets those desires. Throughout our 18 year history we've developed rims to suit the needs of riders and in our most recent past with the B43 to the Chukker, the Blunt to the P35, the A23 to most recently the Major Tom, each of these rims have been sought after by riders in each discipline they were designed for. The beautiful thing about all of our rims, there is an amazing amount of cross over to other segments that has occurred with each of these.

For today's Friday Highlight, we bring you a release of sorts. A rim that is one of the originals, beefy, tough as nails: the Psycho. First used for downhill mountain bike applications, then as a bombproof rim for BMX or as an upgrade to keep highly abused pedicabs rolling through the city streets, anyone searching for an eyeleted box sectioned rim that lasts, stopped here. Up until recently it was only offered in 20" [406], 24" [507] and 26". After discussions with some of the Leader and SE crew we had Australia start rolling these in 700c in 36, 40, and 48 hole drillings.

We are proud to offer you another option for your fixed gear freestyle needs. The 700c Psycho joins the Deep V, B43, and Chukker as a rim of choice for fgfs. The fact of the matter is wider rims hold wide tires better than skinny rims. Some of our smoother riders like Torey, Wonka, and Tom La Marche have been using our P35 wheels as a lightweight solution to their tire-rolling woes. The Psycho, a 31.5mm wide beefcake, is a much sturdier option for those seeking a rim that can take a serious beating.

We recently sent out a few rims to Soap from SE, Michael Chacon of Leader, and Erik V from Epic Ride Shop. We're looking forward to posting their thoughts once they get some ride time. For now, a few videos showing a little of what they'll be putting them through.

Michael Chacon, Jamil Gray TEASER from Michael Chacon on Vimeo.

Some new stuff from Erik Vehmeyer. from Erik V on Vimeo.

I took a quick minute to go back through all the posts from 2010 and tag most if not all of the fixed gear free style [fgfs] related posts, so if you're looking to find out all things with Velocity is involved with within the scene now and into the future, check out that tag.

Enjoy the weekend!

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