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A while back you might remember we received, as part of a container, a gift from the Aussies, A-PAC. He has continued to make is presence known, with random getaway attempts and taunting from the end of my desk for the last few months. I might add that he has started to lose the accent [or at least that's what it sounds like in my head]. Today's post definitely falls into the not bicycle related but enjoy...

Last night we received an email from the real life man himself, Mr. Adam Pelzer. Like Jacobi and his affinity for all things 1980's [cut-off jean jackets, Z28's and Poison] and J-Bolt and E-350's, we each have our past times and hobbies outside of work... besides riding that is. One of Pelzer's is making cars go faster than they rightfully should.

The video below was what Pelzer had in store for us with with the following message:

Here's a couple of video's from last weekend's powercruise event. Basically it's an open track for 3 days to race your mates, cruise around and some events, to use our cars, they way we built them, with minimal rules!

I haven't been for two years because "apparently the minimal rules enforced, I chose not to obey" and had to "sit out" to learn my lesson......hmmm


A-PAC misses his homeland... and his legs.

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