A23 Prolly

A few weeks back, we got a set of our A23 Pro Wheels to John at Prolly is not Probably to rage on. Later on Friday he had just posted his first thoughts on them. The 20/24 wheelset is the standard build for the A23 Pro; because we pride ourselves on being able to provide and fit every customer with her or his preferred set-up John got a 24/28 wheelset. Ride Campy? Our Race Hubs freehub body can be easily switched over.

Below is Prolly's first thoughts. Enjoy:

Initial Reaction: Velocity A23 Road Wheelset


Modern road wheels are not my forte. In fact, the only wheels I've ever ridden have all been period-correct to my bikes. Whether it's Campy Record to Omega rims or Dura Ace hubs to Wolber rims, I've always stuck to the vintage aesthetic. Maybe that's why when I first saw the Velocity A23 wheelset, I struck a liking to it. It's simple, lightweight (1,580g) and affordable.

Check out more of my Initial Reaction below!


Velocity describes their A23 road wheelset as:

"The A23 is the newest road wheelset from Velocity. The A23 wheelset partners our newly designed proprietary hub with our A23 rim. The rear hub has offset flanges to provide precise tension, allowing for a symmetric wheel that is stronger and stiffer than a rim laced to a 'traditional' flanged hub; which optimizes power transfer. Using a 23mm wide tire with the A23, you maximize the tubular ride qualities while retaining the convenience of a clincher; increased cornering abilities especially at high speeds without sacrificing rolling resistance makes the A23 wheeset THE set for crits and road races."

There are two models, the Pro and the Comp. The Pro is lighter by 180 grams and has a lower spoke count (20f x 24 r). Since I'm 220 lbs and was planning on putting this on my Affinity 212, I went with the Comp (24f x 28r).


Right out of the box, the A23s looked really slick. With the rear wheel's radial non-drive by 2x drive-side lacing and the front wheel's radial lacing, this wheelset looks great on any bike. The extra width of the rim is perfect for bigger tires.


Mixed with my favorite urban tire, the Panaracer Pasela, these wheels added a touch of class to my road bike.[...] Now I haven't exactly thrashed these yet, so it's not a full review but in the coming months I plan on taking these off-road and onto some of the lighter trails here in Austin.

Expect a full recap in the near future and if you wanna see more photos, check out my Flickr. Thanks to Velocity for letting me try these out. You guys are the best!


A Polo Bike Experiment.

If you haven't noticed, we've kind of got the itch for bike polo of late. Everyone has played and about half of us play on a regular basis. For today, I figured show off my latest experiment for my polo bike. My former polo bike was much more traditional, much like Matt's former polo rig and Alex's, this one I'm playing around with a few new ideas[which I acknowledge are most likely just new to me]:

- the extremely set back seatpost [for wheelie turns]
- double pull brakes
- ladies frame

This could either be brillant or has the potential for epic failure. We'll see how it plays out.

Here's the spec on the new/old rig:

Frame: Schwinn Frontier
Crank: Raceface 180mm crank - 34T Surly Chain Ring
Stem/Handlebar - Cannondale C4 Stem shimmed down to work on 1" fork with a handlebar from an old Bridgestone handlebar - lots of sweep [also shimmed]
Seatpost: Black Ops set-back
Front wheel: 26" Velocity Aeroheat 32H - Robins Egg Blue [VIP] w/ gold nips and hub, 3X
Rear wheel: 26" Velocity Cliffhanger laced to a custom spaced SS hub w/ a 5-speed FW [chain kept on 26T]
Brakes: mix and match, from the double pull lever to the Red Tektro front from Jacobi to the old-new stock from Alger.

A tip of the hat goes to two shops, Alger Cycle - for having all the oddball parts instock and Europa Cycle - for having this old frame floating around that started the whole process.



Last month, the guys over at ZLOG posted their Most Inspirational FGFS riders of 2010. What do you know of the 10, 5 rock our stuff. Below are those riders along with why ZLOG choose them, it's no surprise to us but hopefully it'll help to inspire you.

Ed ‘Wonka‘ Laforte Why: Co-founder of Grime Bikes, 26″ fixed revolutionary,
and he is a big reason why people show up (and lose) at trick comps.

photo by Slumworm

Tom Lamarche Why: Balls the size of watermelons and they aren’t done growing.

Pulled from Wrahw.

Jakob Santos Why: Dude goes [...] big and isn’t afraid to show some ass.

Photo by eric hsueh

Mike Chacon Why: Young, determined, and I knew he was going places the very first time I saw him ride.

Photo by Nike

Justin ‘Congo’ Mitchell Why: His smile (and he texts me because he misses me sometimes).


What did you do with your weekend?

We rode. Well, technically we drove to ride but that's what happens when some go to Cleveland to hit up Ray's and others head to the other side of the mitten to Ann Arbor for some bike polo.

Jacobi, Ryan and a few others headed to Ray's while Matt, Alex, and myself along with Bob, Josh and Jay from GRBP were part of the latter who spent part of their weekend at the bottom of a parking garage playing polo with 14 other players from Ann Arbor and Fort Wayne. This was simply two days of friendlies, mixing up everyone and getting the opportunity play as much polo as you could handle just as long as you didn't mind weaving through pillars.

It was blast... a few pictures from Saturday.



Friday Highlight: Shopping

It's been awhile since we've had a Friday Highlight of product and what better way to bring it back and highlight everything. Yes, everything. If you were over on our main site yesterday, you probably noticed we launched out new online store.

This is a growing part of our website with more and more product being updated daily. Need a hub? We've got it there. Need a Benny Gold rim? Yep, there. A23 Pro wheelset? Yeah, it's there too. How about some crazy Velocity specials? Oh yeah, they are there too. That's only a taste of what is already there, ready for your consumption!

We are extremely excited to see this portion of our site launch and look forward to being able to provide an easy shopping experience; supplying you with the finest wheels, rims, and accessories you expect from Velocity products.

So beat the rush, head over to the Velocity Online Store; upgrade your current ride or start getting your gear together for the coming season!


Dealers, we want you to be part of this new avenue to bring more Velocity product to your customers. Find out how by visiting this link.



Last night, my stalker-feed, errr New Feed, on the Facebook informed me of some of Bolt's after hours musings here at Velocity. Enjoy his post:

Put in some “overtime” at work. New grind box done and doing well. Ryan pulled his first ever smith grind on it already! I think the other boxes in the warehouse need to be revamped now though. This winter is just starting, i think we could have some pretty rad stuff in there by the end of it.



With the dawning of a new year we, or better I, have a confession. Since it is always better the start off some thing new with complete honesty, I wanted to clear the air on a some thing...

I'm kind of a geek. Jacobi is kind of a geek too. Bolt is kinda of... Bolt. And really if you're reading this blog, you're right there with us. We're all bike geeks, it's the middle of the winter and most of us are guilty dreaming of that next ride or bike or part.

And regardless of what friends, family or our significant others might say, there is nothing wrong with that. Can I get an amen?!?

But in all seriousness, I was conducting my daily patrol of cycling blogs and news sites and noticed over on Prolly's site our friends over at Geekhouse Bikes have a banner over posted there. To the untrained eye, it is just another ad from a stellar company but if you look closely, you can see the Major Tom's being rocked by, what I'd guess is, Donny on the Geekhouse 'Cross Team that we are a proud sponsor of.
A great group of riders that we are privileged to be able to work with. Not only do they love to ride fast but most importantly they positively promote the sport. If you have a chance check out Geekhouse along with the other sponsors of the team [located on the bottom of their page].