To live...

As we close Bike to Work week, a clip from To Live and Ride in LA seems to fit extremely well and Mr. Quick is on some Deep V's so it's hard not to enjoy that... [click the photo below, sorry it's an exclusive clip to the Next Movie].

To Live and Ride in LA has been garnering quite a lot of attention wherever it has been played. Director David Rowe (Fast Friday) puts forth this new documentary feature that 'explores a side of L.A. few outsiders have seen. From races through rush-hour traffic to midnight loft parties, To Live & Ride in L.A. is a fast paced-trip through the busy streets and back-alleys of one of the world's largest cities.' It will be available on DVD and iTunes in a month, be sure to check it out!

To Live & Ride In L.A. OFFICIAL TRAILER from TRAFIK on Vimeo.

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