Pardon the mess

We've been busy over the past month or so rearranging The Wheel Department, so our apologies if the phone rings a little longer from time-to-time. The changes should bring some much needed organization and efficiency improvements, as well as accommodate future growth and expansion.

It may look a little chaotic, but we assure you there's a method to our madness

Most know our own Jeff Jacobi for his stellar wheel builds, fast laps and his early 90's Camaro Z28, but he's also the mind and muscle behind the new layout. Rarely satisfied with anything "off the shelf," he's gone so far as to build a completely custom workbench for our master wheelbuilder Paul  (PVW on your wheel tag), as well as matching custom spoke racks.

Check out Cobi's handiwork:

Paul's custom bench 

Our new custom spoke rack 
We've also expanded our employee parking a bit


Happy Holidays: Save $200 on Uriel Track Special Edition Wheelset

Just as scientists assumed the Coelacanth was extinct, many believed the Velocity Uriel rim to suffer a similar fate.

Not extinct.
Then, just as in 1938 off the coast of South Africa, a stunning discovery was made in the Velocity warehouse. While on a expedition through the warehouse, a pod of Uriel rims surfaced. They were then mated to some of our tried and true track hubs, and the Uriel Track Special Edition wheelset was born.

Also not extinct. 
The Uriel is our time tested Fusion rim, drilled for paired-spoke lacing. The wheelset features 24 DT Champion spokes front and rear, and DT alloy nipples, all laced, tensioned and trued by hand in The Wheel Department

Weight is 950/1020g front/rear, making these a nice mid-weight option that'll hold up on the street or track. Order a pair here, there's only a few left and when they are gone, they are gone until we stumble across some more in a dark, forgotten recess. 


Can't keep Mackenzie off the podium at OVCX

Sunday, the most recent Velocity USA-sponsored rider, Mackenzie Woodring, took 1st place at the Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series -- for the third race in a row. Impressive, and even more so considering she's coming back from a DNF in the first race of the series.

Since then, even a snapped derailleur hanger hasn't been able to keep her from the #1 spot: Mackenzie ran her bike to a first place finish at race #3.

Chloe Dygert, of Midwest Devo, snagged the number one spot in the first race of the series and has kept right on Mackenzie's wheel in every subsequent race.

Chloe & Mackenzie (L-R) after OCVX #4
Mackenzie's killer performance is attracting attention around the internet, with write ups and interviews on cxmagazine.com, dirtwire.tv, and an upcoming interview with her fat-tire-loving counterpart, Danielle Musto, on her internet radio show, "Girls & Gears." Tune in at 8 p.m. EST this Thursday.


Hawley meets the Wizard of the Wheel Department

Hawley Co. talks to "the Wizard of the Wheel Department," our own Jeff Jacobi. 'Cobi (as he's known round these parts) takes viewers through the full Velocity rim lineup in just under 6 minutes. As usual, he's not at a loss for words:

Published on Sep 30, 2013Wheel-building wizard Jeff Jacobi takes us through a wide offering in Velocity's line of rims, from 650b models to their latest offering for fatbikes.


Booth #10066: Velocity USA and The Wheel Department at Interbike

It's that time of the year again where bike shop employees and industry veterans flock to Vegas where they will live off of free Clif Bar and Gu samples for three days. We'll be there starting Wednesday, the 18th, until the show ends Friday at booth #10066

Ryan, Jeff and Paul from The Wheel Department will be doing live wheelbuilds throughout the day. Find us on Facebook and Twitter and we'll try to keep you updated when we're doing demos. We were going to build a miniature shipping department for live shipping demos, complete with a miniature of our forklift, Alice, but we ran out of time. 

Here's a little preview of our setup for 2013: 


Dually arrives at Velocity USA, next stop Interbike

Fresh from Florida, the new 45mm Dually rim has arrived at Velocity USA headquarters here in Grand Rapids, Mich. Right out of the box the rim impressed us, and impressed us even more when it weighed in at 669 grams, a bit below our original estimate. 

So far we've received a few 29" pairs in black anodized and mill finish which was sent out to be polished to a mirror shine. The Wheel Department went to work and we now have two sets built for Interbike, one in black anodized and the other in polished. Jeff and Alex built up the first couple of wheels and commented on how well the rim built, with even tension throughout the wheel.

Stop by Interbike booth #10066 and see them for yourself.

Austin checking out the first Dually, right  out of the box

Bound for Interbike 

Jeff Jacobi signs off on the first Dually build


New video: August, featuring The Wheel Department

The Wheel Department in August from Velocity USA on Vimeo.

Austin has put together another killer video, this time featuring The Wheel Department and what goes into building a Velocity wheel.


Introducing our all-new 11-speed ready convertible Lightweight Disc Hub

In time for the upcoming 2013 Cyclocross season, we're announcing the release of a versatile new Lightweight Disc Hub. The hub is 11-speed ready, and with an easy swap of the cassette body it will work with SRAM XX1, as well as Campagnolo and Shimano 11-speed cassettes.

The all-new Velocity Lightweight Convertible Disc Hub

Adding to the versatility, the hub also allows an easy switch from a 135mm quick release axle to a 142x12mm thru-axle, making it one of the most versatile hubs currently on the market. An oversized aluminum axle keeps the hub light for Cyclocross applications, while durable for shredding trails. The hub comes with one cassette body and axle, with additional conversion pieces available separately.

Basically, there isn't a bike this won't work with.

Reasons you want this hub:
  • 270g weight
  • SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo 11-speed ready
  • 135mm quick-release or 142x12mm thru-axle options
  • 6-bolt ISO disc compatible 
  • high-quality double-sealed Japanese sealed cartridge bearings
  • 6 pawl engagement
The hub will be used in all Comp and Pro Cyclocross and Mountain wheelset builds by our in-house wheel builders, The Wheel Department.


Veloplugs: now US made!

Veloplugs, our popular rim strip alternative, are now proudly made in the United States. We moved our rim production facility to Florida awhile ago, and have been searching for a new manufacturer for our plugs while the remaining stock of Australian made plugs runs out. 

Mission accomplished: new US made Veloplugs

We didn't have to look far -- only about 2 miles to be exact. After a test run, we placed our first order for the US made plugs, made right here in Grand Rapids, Mich. Employees here have been testing them on their own bikes and are pleased to report that the domestic plugs fit the rims like a glove, and have been holding up great. 

For those not familiar with Veloplugs, here's a quick rundown of why they are awesome. Veloplugs:
  • can withstand up to 400psi (though your rims and tires can't, so don't test it!)
  • save about 15 grams over a cloth strip
  • are reusable
  • make tire mounting much easier
  • cost about the same as two rolls of conventional tape 

You can order yours here, or from you LBS. 


Wheel no. 560

Today marked the end of a multi-month 560 wheel order for The Wheel Department here at Velocity USA. Ridley Bikes contacted us this spring and asked if we could do 280 disc cyclocross wheelsets for their bikes, with our race decals. Eyebrows were raised at first, but in the end we all agreed it could be done, and it would be done, whatever it took.

Wheel #560 ready to leave the stand
It meant stickering each rim by hand, lacing each wheel by hand, and truing and tensioning 13,440 spokes -- by hand. Well, we did it, and we did it within the given time frame. It meant weekend hours, some early mornings, some later nights. I don't recall hearing a single complaint the entire time.

In the end we shipped 12 pallets of wheels, all hand built to the same standards we build ever other wheel that leaves The Wheel Department. We wouldn't have it any other way.


Introducing the "mid fat" 45mm Dually rim

We have extrusions in-hand and are excited to announce our latest rim, a 45mm, double-walled, "mid fat" rim we're calling the Dually. Not only does the design add strength, but it also keeps weight competitive at a conservatively estimated sub-700g for the 29-inch rim. The Dually was designed with mid fat, fat race and 29er-plus riders in mind.

The Dually is designed to work with current tubeless tire offerings, and features a reinforced sidewall to aid in preventing damage at low pressures with high volume tires. 

For starters, we'll be offering the rim in both 29 and 26-inch sizes, with 32 holes and black or polished finishes. As always, The Wheel Department will be offering complete wheelsets with the same hand-built quality and attention to detail they are known for.

We're expecting the Dually to start shipping in early September, 2013.

Starting today, preorders are open on our website at: http://www.velocityusa.com/product/rims/dually-622