Bass Boat

Have you seen our bass boat colors? They're a black base coat, slathered with helical flake so the color changes depending on the angle you're looking at it. They are my favorite of our new rim coatings. Take a look at this video, made by our fearless leader's son, Garrett.


Trigger, our beloved shop dog is no longer with us. She went to meet her maker. She will be missed by all who ever knew her. She meant alot to Velocity USA, and will be missed immensely, rest in peace.



Velocity's New Duke Best BMX Wheel sets are now in stock 36h Front and rear, White non MSW.


The ballad of the B43

The ballad of the B43
© Gary Picard 2009

At Velocity HQ where the sky’s always Blue there was gathered a hard working bunch
It was just on midday so they’d stopped for a break and the chance for a chat over lunch

D’ya know what we need said the top man T It’s to roll out the Mother of all rims
Something big bold and strong whose legend will be long and cover a multitude of sins

To be great in a Fix all boxes with ticks with multi facets walls and hollows
A flagship if you will of our Craft and our skill an example for others to follow

Pick me pick me said the Mill Triple V I’m an A rated rim after all
But although the swinging singles do like to intermingle they just don’t got the walls

Now I’ll have you know chipped in the Aero I was first and with Double walls
And Aerohead like me with his Brother OC would be happy to answer the call

Oh but wouldn’t it be neat cried the Bright Aeroheat to his close Cousin Dyad in Black
With Cliffhanger Taipan it could be quite exiting for a Dualie to be leading the pack

Though some thought should be given to demand which has driven some rims to adopt an appendage
On their flat bits the piercings like some nose studs and earrings the Eyeletes are there for appearance

Razor Mountain Goat Synergy Psycho and VXC to name just the few
Each have their appeal and make a great wheel but are perhaps a little low on IQ

Now the Tubular pair sat back with the air of Elite as their sole contribution
While the Snow Cat’s low growl like a beast on the prowl seemed to stifle any thoughts from the Fusion

Sims whispered to Scorcher I’d love to support ya but you know to be perfectly Blunt
I’d have thought a 29 would be first in line when it came to leading the hunt

Deep V all the while wore a tight little smile and a sad look of quiet resignation
He’d been number 1 but his time had come to make way for the next generation

Like sweet Rolette whose tight curves had faithfully served but now looked decidedly tired
She said friends I fear that my end is near now someone bigger and stronger’s required

So from drawings and plans and the toolmakers hands came Roly the new rolling machine
And as he pressured and squeezed in his efforts to please he soon became part of the team

Then the best Bauxite Ore in Outback Folklore from deep within a land lost in time
Was processed and melted refined and smelted extruded heat treated and primed

Till at last it was left to the tender caress of the skilled Velocity team
From the long hours they strove and the magic they wove came the birth of that legend to be

As they all gazed in awe at the wonder they’d wrought and recognized genius and beauty
With no reason to hide their Australian pride B for Brisbane was named B43.


ELVS Video

A video made by our on staff producer/director Garrett Black, starring our very own street-dawg JBolt. These rims are now available with machined sidewalls for use with rim brakes!


The New Velocity Chukker!!!

So we heard you guys were looking for something a little stronger, little beefier, little wider. How about a Velocity Deep V on steroids? We've had this extrusion in the lineup before; you might remember it as the Deep V ATB? We will be bringing it back, for the trickster crowd, as well as for the bike polo crowd, and anyone else looking for a bit wider alterative to the tried and true Velocity Deep V.

We would like your input on what drillings we should bring it in for the 26" and 700c sizes. We will probably just be doing our Ano. colors, and NON machined sidewalls to keep the cost down. You shouldn't have any problems running a brake on the Non MSW Ano. We will have some new ano. colors to choose from such as, Olive Mist Green, Midnight blue, dark Bronze, to go along with our silver, bright silver, gold, and ti. grey.