66 Seconds With Velocity: The Birth of a Bicycle Rim

Our last video, showcasing how The Wheel Department hand-crafts our complete wheels in Grand Rapids, Mich. got nearly 10k views -- more response than we ever imagined. Now, we'd like to offer a look at the US-based manufacturing side of Velocity USA.

The video offers a rarely-seen look into how our dedicated workers proudly hand-build our bicycle rims at our Jacksonville, Fla. factory. In 66 seconds, the video takes you from raw extrusion to a completed rim that's wrapped, boxed and ready to ship. 

66 Seconds With Velocity: The Birth of a Bicycle Rim from Velocity USA on Vimeo.


Introducing the 'upcycled' Velocity rim hanger

Velocity USA is proud to announce we're offering a new product, and its not a rim. Well, it is about a third of a rim, technically.

Normally, when we find a rim that just isn't up to our standards, it's set aside in a corner of the warehouse where it gathers dust until we decide to gather them up and bring them to the scrap yard for a little extra cash.

Convinced there was a better use for leftover Australian-made rims (we now manufacture our rims in Jacksonville, Fla.), our in-house wheelbuilders at The Wheel Department set out to find it. We posted a picture of a prototype "upcycled" hanger online, and the response was overwhelming.

Now, we proudly present the upcycled, US-crafted Velocity USA coathanger. Each hanger is handmade in Grand Rapids, Mich. out of a Velocity Deep V rim. The hook is made of two Velocity 14 gauge spokes, and affixed with two DT Swiss brass nipples. Each hanger is hand-cut, each hook is hand-bent.

We're selling the hanger individually or in packs of 4 in our online store at http://store.velocityusa.com/c/accessories_apparel.

These are time consuming to make, and frankly, when the riding season starts we're just not going to have time to make more of these. When they are gone, they're gone. Maybe they'll be back for 2015, but no guarantees.