Can't keep Mackenzie off the podium at OVCX

Sunday, the most recent Velocity USA-sponsored rider, Mackenzie Woodring, took 1st place at the Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series -- for the third race in a row. Impressive, and even more so considering she's coming back from a DNF in the first race of the series.

Since then, even a snapped derailleur hanger hasn't been able to keep her from the #1 spot: Mackenzie ran her bike to a first place finish at race #3.

Chloe Dygert, of Midwest Devo, snagged the number one spot in the first race of the series and has kept right on Mackenzie's wheel in every subsequent race.

Chloe & Mackenzie (L-R) after OCVX #4
Mackenzie's killer performance is attracting attention around the internet, with write ups and interviews on cxmagazine.com, dirtwire.tv, and an upcoming interview with her fat-tire-loving counterpart, Danielle Musto, on her internet radio show, "Girls & Gears." Tune in at 8 p.m. EST this Thursday.


Hawley meets the Wizard of the Wheel Department

Hawley Co. talks to "the Wizard of the Wheel Department," our own Jeff Jacobi. 'Cobi (as he's known round these parts) takes viewers through the full Velocity rim lineup in just under 6 minutes. As usual, he's not at a loss for words:

Published on Sep 30, 2013Wheel-building wizard Jeff Jacobi takes us through a wide offering in Velocity's line of rims, from 650b models to their latest offering for fatbikes.