Ya big lug...

Now... 'cross season is not really at the forefront of most people's thoughts but the guys over at Geekhouse just posted some photos of the Mudville they sent over to Blue Lug in Japan.

I know what you're thinking... pink? green? blue? But remember what Geekhouse team rocks for kits and it all makes sense. And we love seeing Fusions on it!


Bill Mould

When a person expresses “When the wheels leave the store, I feel like I’m sending my children off into the wide world,” he says. “I like to know how they’re doing.” We can't help but tip our hat to that individual to someone who shares our values.

We've been a fan of Bill Mould for a while, we even offer his wheel building instructional DVD on our online store. So when we caught wind of an article circulating from this renowned wheel builder/mechanic from the Washington D.C. area, we had to check it out.

The article comes from the entrepreneur site, Late Blooming Entrepreneur.

Building a Business One Bike Wheel at a Time

By Lynne Strang, Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

Bill Mould

Many cyclists, especially recreational riders, are just fine with factory-built, standard wheels. Then there are the racers, triathletes, commuters and others who are particular about how their bike rubber meets the road. They come from all over the Washington, DC area – and sometimes the world – just to have Bill Mould custom build their wheels by hand.

“People tell me that wheel building is an art,” says Mould, a mechanic at Spokes, Etc. bicycles. Mould’s business, Bill’s Wheels, is part of the Northern Virginia retail bicycle chain and housed within its Alexandria, Virginia location.

“Sure, there’s an artistic element to it in terms of choosing components, colors, and lacing patterns that go well together, but it’s mostly science,” he says. “It’s about being meticulous in following a set of procedural steps and sharpening your skills with each wheel built.”

At 67, Mould jokes that he’s the bike store’s insurance policy against an age discrimination lawsuit. The grandfather of nine describes his current occupation as “the most fun job I’ve had.”


“I’ve always enjoyed solving mechanical problems, learning new technologies and applying new techniques. Now I get to do all of those things as they relate to bike wheels.” – Bill Mould, Bill’s Wheels


Mould began building custom wheels eight years ago, about a year after he joined Spokes. While he doesn’t track exact numbers, he estimates he’s built some 2,000 wheels. “I took to wheel building because I realized it was a highly refined skill that could be honed over time,” he says.

His lifestyle is a bit different from what it used to be. A retired Air Force colonel, Mould spent 36 years in a uniform. Now he wears t-shirts and jeans most of the time.

Some of Mould’s co-workers don’t know their laid back, unpretentious colleague has an undergraduate degree in economics from Penn State and a Master’s degree in chemistry from Yale. On the side, he teaches organic chemistry at a local community college.

Still, Mould wanted formal training in his new craft. After research to identify the best programs, he attended the Barnett Bicycle Institute and the United Bicycle Institute, as well as Sapim’s wheel building school in Belgium.

“I’ve always enjoyed solving mechanical problems, learning new technologies and applying new techniques,” he says. “Now I get to do all of those things as they relate to bike wheels.”

Mould’s wheel building station is in the middle of the bike store, a location that allows him to chat easily with customers who are curious about what he’s doing.

“Sometimes they ask me if I’m building a tire,” he chuckles.

Mould also teaches a monthly wheel building class where students learn about tension balance on the spokes and other fundamentals needed for strength and proper design. He keeps the class small and brings in a few experienced assistants, to provide at least one instructor for every two students.

“It’s fun to watch their excitement grow as they see their wheels coming together,” he says.

Last December, Mould released a two-hour DVD, “Master Wheel Building,” which has five-star reviews on Amazon.com. He hopes to write a book some day but for now, wants to focus on using social media outlets and other distribution channels to generate national sales of his DVD.

“I enjoy giving riders some wheels that improve their cycling experience. Hand-built wheels make the bike demonstrably faster and more efficient,” says Mould. A self-described perfectionist, he encourages his customers to give him feedback.

“When the wheels leave the store, I feel like I’m sending my children off into the wide world,” he says. “I like to know how they’re doing.”


Fun with Wheels

A weekend post for you.

This was too good not to post when I stumbled onto this gem. It's from Tim Wheatley called 'The Cyclotrope Project'. Check out his site and see how he the project has developed and is continuing....

The Cyclotrope from tim Wheatley on Vimeo.


Where's Jacobi?

You might have heard of a little event going on out west this weekend called the Sea Otter Classic. It's only a weekend of all things biking with 50,000 of your closest friends.

So on Wednesday, seeing that we could fit Jacobi in a wheel box we flew him out to the festival to help out at the Challenge Tire booth since some Major Toms were going to be mounted up with their new MTB tubular tire for demos.

If you're in the Monterey area this weekend, head over say hey to Jacobi. Not only will he give you your fill on all things Velocity, he'll pass on deal for huge savings on your next Velocity wheelset! Trust me, the savings are too good to pass up! If you're not out west, be on the look out for us at other events, we'll always have some thing special up our sleeves.


GR Polo

It's no secret, we love our bike polo here at Velocity. Grand Rapids Bike Polo has started to make some pretty large gains with the city and this past Sunday a few photos were taken for the Monday paper and then posted on mlive.com.

And what do you know one of our own, Alex, made his way to the ol' world wide web. Using his 'new' polo bike with 48 hole Chukkers. Solid.

Interested in bike polo? Not in west Michigan? Check out League of Bike Polo for your local club. We promise they won't bite.


Press Release


Grand Rapids, Michigan - 4/1/2011 - Velocity USA is proud to announce it's newest business endeavor, the worlds first bicycle multi-complex, City of Velo: Bicycling Mecca.

After purchasing the land in and around the Dorais Velodrome in urban Detroit, Michigan construction quickly began to build the centerpiece of the facility, the Black Brothers Velodrome Arena. BBVA contains within it a revolutionary new track design and materials, a wind tunnel and will house the nations leading testing and training cycling facility. In addition to this, construction began on 20 miles of indoor and outdoor mountain biking trails, urban/park, polo courts, cyclocross course and crit road course complete with an optional cobblestone sections. City of Velo has also partnered with Detroit to create a commuter friendly cycling experience that has proposed 200 mile network of trails .

John Black, president of Velocity USA, stated 'The market is just ripe for it, many cities in the United States have their niche cycling market but none have transcended that and embraced all facets of the cycling community.' Further explaining that due to the recent Urban Revitalization Act of Michigan, Velocity was able to secure funding from the state to produce the worlds first bicycling multi-complex.

Velocity's City of Velo: Cycling Mecca construction is set to complete by May 1, opening to the public June 1.