Hello, Proto.

Yesterday was an exciting day here at Velocity, some of you might have seen a little of this on our Twitter. Some of you have already gotten your hands on the A23 rim and know what all the buzz is about with having a wider rim on the road.

For those of you who haven't heard: The A23 is the continuation of our belief in developing and producing wheels and rims that are the best to ride with. Using aspects of our Aerohead rim, the A23 was developed to improve ride quality, cornering and aerodynamics without sacrificing weight, stiffness or durability. Coming in at 428 grams and 3 mm wider than the Aerohead, the A23 exceeded those expectations.

Although the 20mm rim has often been the bench mark for road rim width, the 23mm wide rim partnered with a 23mm tire provides a profile similar to a tubular set-up without the hassle of glue or the risk of punctures. This partnership between tire and rim allows for the plain between the two to be virtually the same, greatly reducing drag compared to a tire on a 20mm rim. With the wider rim providing the ride quality of a tubular with a clincher tire, there is less rolling resistance. The 23mm width allows for more flexibility in tire pressure depending on conditions and course, cornering is also vastly improved, especially at high speeds, because of the tires ability to maintain shape instead of slightly rolling with a narrower rim.

Part of the excitement from yesterday, was that we have been working for months to develop and produce a hub that when partnered together with the A23 rim would make this a combination the provides the ride quality you have come to expect from Velocity, and also pushes the envelope in price/weight ratio without sacrificing stiffness.

Enter, the A23 hub. We received the first proto-types and have begun to lace them up to get some real ride time and send them out to our trusted specialists for testing. You might have noticed that we are not offering the A23 rim in an offset. The reason for this, is that in partnering the A23 rim and hub together, the offset flanges of the hub allow for a better build with even tension on both drive and non-drive side. This even tension allows for a symmetric wheel that is stronger and stiffer than a rim laced to a 'traditional' flanged hub. Along with even tension, having a larger drive-side flange means shorter drive spokes which then correlates to more rotational stiffness. In layman terms, when you want to get up and go, the wheel will go.

After all of the prototype testing is finished, the A23 wheel set will be available Spring of 2010. Coming in at around 1400 grams a set and at a price point that is definitely going to blow your socks off, we are confident that it will be the best in it's class.


because Ryan rides.

A little busy here today, so not much of a write up on Ryan's bike. But it's a sweet one never the less. Today's '...because we ride' is Ryan's Custom Cramer 29er:

Frame – Custom 29er dedicated single speed designed and built by Mark Cramer. The tubing is True Temper (OX Platinum).

Fork – Vicious Cycles

Brakes – Avid Juicy 7

Wheels – Red P-35s laced to Velocity single speed rear and light disc front. Set up for tubeless application.

Stem – Truvativ Team

Cranks – Truvativ Stylo SS

Bar – Salsa Pro Moto (the widest one I could find)

Post – Ritchey Pro

Saddle – FSA SLK

Thanks to Mark Cramer for the best mountain bike I have ever owned. I will never get rid of this bike!!


We'll leave you with a video that went around Velocity from one of Ryan's friends over at the Da' Snot Rocket blog.


More mayhem!

Not much for you today, more and more videos and pictures are coming out of the the Midwest Mayhem this past weekend. Bike Jerks has got a bunch of videos up on some of highlights, check them out there. Hats off to you, Murder B, who walked away with the Chukker wheelset from us AND the Bruiser frame set in the B class. Well done.

I'll leave you with one video from the event, showing a pretty massive wall ride:


So much more.

Dear Internet,

As mentioned last week, there has been a few dedicated people who are leading the charge here in Grand Rapids for the new mountain bike park/trails. There was a great write up in our Sunday paper on the project, it's just been really great to see the amount of support and enthusiasm the park is getting from the community [cyclist or not]. Urban renewal takes a lot of different forms, as more and more local governments are making hard decisions on budgets; it's encouraging to see to private citizens and groups, like the IMBA, MMBA, and wMMBA, stepping up to better an area for the greater community. Sure it's just a bike park, but it's so much more.

Also over the weekend, there was a little gathering of 700CMXers for the the Midwest Mayhem in Milwaukee. From the video it looks like it was a really solid turn out. Hope everyone who turned out had a great time and congratulations to all the winners. There are numerous sites to check out all the went down but there are some pretty stellar photos from the event here.


Just a little video.

Just a little video for you today from the crew at City Grounds. We could pick out a few of our rims in it... can you? Enjoy.


because we ride... Polo Time.

This week we have our fearless GM's, Matt, polo bike. We've got a nice little write up for you, enjoy:

'A winter commuter turned polo rig.'

The frame is a Specialized HardRock that I got from Doug Koster in the spring of 2005. I don’t know where he got it and that’s probably for the best. It was stripped bare and rattle canned in the basement of 2208 Godwin in Grand Rapids. The fork is a RockShox Quadra that came from Doug at the same time. The steer tube was extended and re-welded to fit this bike. Shimano STX headset and stock Specialized stem and bars. Lefty style Altus 420 brake lever to a Tektro rear cantilever. Brake housing is routed through a top tube pad purchased by Bob Zeilstra during a holiday in Japan. My future grandchildren will thank me for the Raceface stem pad. Specialized seat post, Schwinn saddle, Salsa clamp.

The front wheel is a 26” Deep V ATB (OG Chukker) laced to a Velocity ATB hub with butted spokes. The rear wheel is a 26” Aeroheat rim laced to a Velocity cutout flange track hub with 14 gauge spokes. 32 spokes each and both are 3 cross.

The rear hub has been re-spaced to accept a 5 speed freewheel which is the only way I could get the chain line and length to work out. Gearing is 27x21. Cranks are 170mm Shimano Alivios…black on one side silver on the other due to an unfortunate bike chucking incident. Rear tire is a Continental Town and Country from Jacobi’s tandem, front is a Specialized Crossroads that was probably on the bike when I got it. She’s a real gnarly bitch.

For those of you who need a little 'how to' on the ins and outs of Bike Polo, I found a video for you below. Come this spring if you're in the West Michigan area and want to try your hand in the sport, on Sundays and Wednesdays under the S-Curve there are matches normally going on.


Hey everybody! Ryan's back!

After what we considered a pretty normal Monday here at Velocity, minus the fact that we were running a man down. Today we are back to running at full strength with Ryan here after his extended weekend.

Turns out, Ryan is a pretty experienced recumbent rider and took an extra day to spend cruising around with the rest of his recumbent crew [as seen in the picture]. I'm told it was a great spin out west, with a few stellar climbs and some great flats to really open up the legs.

In all seriousness, Ryan was gone yesterday due to some reoccurring back problems after working on some of the new trails being built here in Grand Rapids over the weekend. Yes, we are resilient here in the Mitten, building trails in January is possible. A few of the local news stations made it out, you can check out one of their write ups here. GR Bike has a few things up on their Facebook or do what we do and follow them on their Twitter.


Follow Us.

We've done it and since you read our blog, odds are you also are on Facebook and/or Twitter. Find us on Facebook by searching for Velocity USA or follow us on Twitter, velocityusa. There are links on the sidebar if you want a direct link to those sites or you can click on either of the logos on this post.

The blog will be reposted on our Facebook page. We'll be doing our best to be showing you more of life around Velocity, what we are doing and where we are at via Twitter, and probably squeeze in a random J-Bolt quote and give-a-ways now and again. All depending on the mood you never know what you might get.

Around 5 months ago, one of our own set out to save the world. Dave headed down to the Dominican Republic with his wife to work at a orphanage. As we know, the Dominican Republic shares the same island with Haiti. It's hard to deny or grasp the amount of destruction and loss that has hit that those nations as the work has begun to recover from the earthquake. Dave's brother works in Haiti and both are working to help those in need. His brother works with a group called Medical Ministry International. Although aid is coming through by way of governments around the world; there are always ways for us to intentionally give by supporting groups like the MMI in their efforts to help the Haitian people. Check out their site to see what can be done.



It's hard to beat the original. The Aero rim might be one of my favorite looking rims we have. Although the P35, Blunt and A23 are definitely getting more of my attention lately. But like a parent with their children, I love them all but I have a soft spot for a few.

So this weeks Friday Highlight is our Track Aero Set. And why not, it's tried, true, proven [not to mention on sale!]

Built on our 32 hole solid axle, cutout flange track hubs and available in 16 different rim colors. Available from your local bicycle shop, contact them for pricing. Did a mention that they are on sale? Oh yeah! Get yours!

In Midwest? Do a little 700cMXing? Next weekend is the Midwest Mayhem Trick Competition over in the Milwaukee area. More information here, we sent over a Chukker wheel set for you all to try and get your hands on. Good luck!


... because We Ride. 2 for 1... sorta.

For this weeks '...because We Ride' bicycle segment we have the head of our shipping department, Jeff Bolt and his IRO 29er. Here's a little write up from J-Bolt himself:

This is my IRO 29er. I built this up towards the end of last summer. It’s the first MTB that I’ve ever had. Ryan and Jacobi were going out a lot to the various (and great) trails in our area and it seemed like a lot of fun so I got Tony at IRO to help me out with it. I only got out on the trails a couple times last fall, but can’t wait to get out again. Since we get some brutal winters here in west Michigan I re-purposed it for the winter as a snow commuter, just trying to get the most use out of it as possible. I didn’t put much time or money into customizing this bike, I just built it as cheap as I could to see if I would really even get into mountain biking. I’m sure someday I’ll build up some uber nice 29er with a bunch of fancy components (maybe with a bigger frame), but for now this is all I need in a MTB.

Bicycle Spec:

Frame: Iro 29er (22” still a bit small for my stupid tall self)
Fork: Iro
Wheelset: Celeste Blunts laced with black DT Swiss Competition spokes and black DT nips to Velocity lightweight disc front and single speed disc rear hubs
Tires: Continental Mountain King 2.2
Pedals: Crank Brothers Egg Beaters
Crank: Iro 175mm
Chain: KMC Z chain

Freewheel: Shimano 17t
Bottom Bracket: Iro eccentric
Handlebars: Truvativ Hussefelt
Stem: Truvativ XR
Headset: FSA
Brakeset: Avid BB7 w/ 160mm rotors
Saddle: Specialized shop take off
Seat Post: Iro

Other Accessories: Black and a Celeste Velocity Velocage (R.I.P.), Planet Bike 29er Fenders (just for the winter)

Big thanks to Tony at IRO for the help with this bike he’s a good dude to deal with!


The next bike we have is actually coming to us from our brethren in Australia. You might remember Adam Pelzer's pseudo Bianchi from last month. This morning we got a email from him saying it's time to part ways with one of his steeds.

Here's a little run down on the bike:









· 520mm 24x1 1/8" FRONT WHEEL

· 622mm 700c REAR WHEEL






· 16T 1/8" COG









$1800 AUD

Interested? Email Adam directly here: adam@velocitywheels.com


A simple equation.

As mentioned yesterday, the ball has begun to roll on items for the Handmade Show in February. The first teaser for what you'll get to see is represented by the equation above. We're working with another company here in Grand Rapids called [Michigan Awesome], if all goes to plan it's going to be a pretty sweet one-of-a-kind tribute to the Glove!

Nice catch by Jeff over at Bike Jerks on our stellar new hold music. We switched it over not more than 24 hours ago and sure enough he noticed. Matt has been raving about the Trailer Park Boys for some time and it has gotten the thumbs up from the rest of us. Check it out!


A few things for today...

Lots of things going on here at Velocity today. Of course we have the normal grind of wheel building, pulling and taking orders but we are also preparing for North American Handmade Bicycle Show and Frostbike coming up. Jacobi has been leading the charge on getting together custom and unique wheel sets for the Handmade show that will definitely catch your eye and hopefully make your jaw drop. You can rest easy that as Handmade draws closer I'll start to post some teaser photos of these. All of that topped with the construction of two new workstations and a photo booth we've got, as always, exciting things ahead.

On a cycling note... still haven't scratched your cyclocross itch enough? Like snow? Live in West Michigan? Here's your ticket, Versluis Snowcross at Versluis Orchards here in Grand Rapids. A great little event that's been happening the last few years. Another reason to get out and ride. More information go here and here.

On a completely different note, some of you have already gotten your hands on one of these, others of you may have yet to hear of them, and the rest of you might be on the fence with them. Carl Buchanan recently got his hands on our new bottle traps and will be giving his thoughts as on them as he gets some ride time with them on a number of his rigs. Carl is a 24 endurance mountain biker, cyclocross guru and has also been racing road for the last few years, all this to say he rides and knows what works and doesn't. He did do a little weight comparison in his initial impressions that caught my eye:

'The Velocity Bottle Traps came in at 30g each which is identical to the
Profile Design Karbon Kages that I had mounted on the SystemSix previous to this. I also have the Bontrager Race X Lite cages which weigh in at 26g.'

Lots of weight savings at a fraction of the price! Get yours!


Velocity Wheelset: P-35 Rims- Out Of The Box

Over the weekend, a nice little out of the box thoughts on the P35 was posted over at Twenty Nine Inches.com by Guitar Ted. We're sold on them and we're sure he'll be once he gets some ride time on them! Enjoy:

Velocity Wheelset: P-35 Rims- Out Of The Box
January 10th, 2010 by Guitar Ted

I remember waaay back as a kid the old Pontiac ads that touted the “Widetrack” stance of their cars at the time. Better stability on the road, they said. Well, that reminds me a whole bunch of the new P-35 rims from Velocity. Wide stance rims give the tires a wider foot print and better grip and stability out on the trail. So the theory goes. That is what I aim to test out on these wheels over the next weeks and months.

But first, let’s take a closer look at what we have here. The Velocity products in this wheel not only include the rims, but also Velocity’s newest version of their hubs. When choosing a hub set for this test, I decided upon a 20mm through axle front and a single speed specific rear hub. The rear hub has a threaded drive side to accept a free wheel. The threaded hub is more a preference in my mind than an advantage or disadvantage. Either threaded or cassette works nicely for me. Moving on from that we have sealed cartridge bearings and the rear hub features a Hi/Lo flange arrangement. The bearings feel very smooth to the hand. The finish looks top notch. The rear hub goes at about 288 grams per Velocity’s site and the front 20mm through axle hub weighs in at approximately 250 grams. The hubs are laced to the P-35’s with DT Swiss Champion spokes using red alloy nipples. Hubs are available separately through any local bike shop. MSRP’s may vary according to the shop you use, but expect to pay about $90.00 for the front hub and about $100.00 for the single speed disc hub.

The hubs are laced by Velocity in house by their own wheel builders. Each wheel build is signed off on by the person who built it. A nice touch. By the way, Velocity will lace your hubs to rims at their Grand Rapids, Michigan facility should you have something you want laced to a Velocity rim. Just contact your local shop for more on that. The builds looked well done. Tensions were great, and everything looked in order.

The P-35 is a rim that was developed in tandem with Velocity by Kirk Pacenti. The rim is described by Velocity as follows: “The P35 is designed for the cross country/all mountain rider craving a laterally stiff yet weight conscious rim that is still tough enough for the occasional Super – D race.” Sounds like an all around use rim to me. And here are the specs on the rim again:
Outside Width: 35mm
Inside Width: 29.5mm
Depth: 22mm

29”: 595g

Pretty impressive for a 29″er rim. Lighter weight, and a wide inner rim well promise fat, fast tire performance. But will they hold up? That we shall see! As long as we’re on the subject of the rims, I will say that these are designed to be run tubeless. Velocity has decided that for the time being, a Stan’s strip will do for sealing the rim well. That said, they are still working on bringing their own rim strip to market. More details on that when they are released. These will definitely see tubeless usage during our tests. The rear hub attaches via Allen head bolts.

Now for the total weight of each wheel. The front came in at 1030 grams and the rear at 1160 grams. So, no lightweights here, but I figured these would be best suited to more aggressive type riding, and the weight doesn’t bother me in that regard. One has to figure that rims weighing nearly 600 grams each are not going to build up the lightest wheel set!

In the next update I will detail out the finishing touches to this wheel set and hopefully introduce the bike they are going on. Stay tuned!

Note: The reviewed products were provided to Twenty Nine Inches at no charge for review. I was not paid or bribed for this review. I will give/gave my honest opinion or thoughts through out.


Bike Fight.

In the normal banter between the wheel department and the shipping department, things often turn for the worse when BMX is brought into the discussion. I'll let you be the judge as to who is who...

Have a good weekend everyone!


Friday Highlight on Thursday!

Sure, it's not Friday but we've been thinking about the weekend since about 10am on Monday. On that note, this weeks Friday Highlight are our killer closeouts! Contact your local bike shop for pricing, quantities and colors are limited so act fast!

A few pictures of the closeout wheel sets:

Finally a list of some random one off wheels and wheel sets we have floating around, so if you're looking for a back-up or a replacement this could be a great way to fill that need! Extremely limited quantities on all of these, once again contact your local bike shop for pricing and availability!


Our Rides, because We Ride

Today, a new little segment we'll be starting up called 'Our Rides, because We Ride' series. If you've frequented or stumbled onto the regular Velocity site you'll notice a section under the About Us there's a few links to some of the guys bikes. This will be similar to that, but hopefully with a little bit more depth on the bikes themselves, maybe a story or two from on the ride. Plus give you all the opportunity to familiarize yourself with more of the Velocity crew.

We'll start off with one my rides, my Cannondale Cyclocross Optimo 3. This bike only has a few stock pieces left on it and has taken quite a few different transformations over the past 2 years; I'm sure there will continue to be a few changes as time passes. For now I have upgraded the wheel set to a custom Velocity Brown Fusion rims [Velocity road hubs, 32 hole, 3 cross, DT Swiss Champion spokes, with blue alloy nipples, using Veloplugs], rocking it 1 x 9 [inspired by Carl Buchanan's cross set-up] a 105 crank set with a Salsa Crossing Guard and 41T Salsa Ring, topped off with Kore White Canti brakes and stem, a Brooks B17 saddle, and recently install new bright white bottle traps. All in all, She's a looker.

The bike has seen the gravel of Iowa for Trans Iowa last year and competed in a few of the Kisscross events here in GR. This bike is really my all around bike, I'll swap out tires quite frequently from the Bontrager 700 x 34 CXR's to Continental 700 x 25 Ultra Gators and rock the bike as a commuter when I feel the need for some gears. Of the 7 bikes I have, this is 1 of 3 that I would have a hard time parting with.

Spec on the bike:

2007 Cannondale Cyclocross Optimo 3

Frame: Cyclocross Optimo
Fork: Slice Ultra XR Carbon
Wheels: Velocity Fusion 32H
Spokes: DT Swiss Champion w/ Alloy Nipples
Tires: Bontrager CRX 700x34
Pedals: Crank Brothers Egg Beater SL
Crank: Shimano 105 41T w/ Salsa Crossing Guard
Chain: Shimano 9-speed
Rear Cogs SRAM PG-950, 12-26
Bottom Bracket: Shimano 105
Front Derailleur: None
Rear Derailleur: Shimano 105
Shifters: Shimano Tiagra
Handlebars: Cannondale C3, 31.8 mm,
Stem: Kore K34 100mm [+6 degree]
Headset: FSA Alloy integated
Brakeset: Kore Race + Canti
Saddle: Brooks B17
Seat Post: Cannondale C2 Carbon-wrapped


Tuesday Musings

So far today has been an enlightening day here around Velocity. Apparently some of the Velocity crew has had a bit more free time than others and have been branching out a bit. From cameo's on TV shows to rocking an Iron man or two, Matt and Ryan have been on top of their games:

First we have Matt making his cameo as the infamous underwear gnome:

And from the looks of it, Ryan's aspiring triathlon career is really taking off with his first magazine cover:

[We agree, this picture is extremely disturbing]

Looks like the guys over at Handspun wrote a little thing up on the A23 back in November. Must say that rim looks pretty sexy... they are in stock and available. Wheel sets with Velocity's very own A23 specific hub are looking to roll out come this spring. Contact your dealer for pricing!



As we all begin to awaken from the haze that was another 4-day weekend; getting back into the swing of the 5-day work week along with the realization that we are still, in fact, in the same decade. We, like so many, are looking forward to the coming year with great expectation: from the A23 rim/wheel set to the new reflective powder coating, which is only the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot in store for the coming year and can't wait to show it off!

The Grand Rapids New Years Day ride went on without a hitch. Ryan and Jacobi made it out and from all reports had a great time. Depending on which one of them you ask, it was a few short of the 100 riders the Founders guys were hoping for... either 50 or 70 riders. Some pictures from the ride will be up later this week.

A few things to put on your radar, for all you commuter/bike polo nuts, Amy Walker over at Momentum magazine has a little write up on the popular Chukker rim in their latest edition [which is available for free download, and shown to the right]. Also over the holiday I was able to pass on a P35 wheel set for review over to Guitar Ted and the Twenty Nine Inches / The Cyclist Site Laboratories. It's no secret that we're extremely excited about these rims and look forward to hearing what the 29er guru has to say about them. [By the way nice looking trap, Ted!]