The Aero rim, the original, we've mentioned it before but with J-Bolt's new project and listening to him consider rocking some 27" Aero's on it topped with a local shop exploring options for a customers fixie conversion, it got me thinking how sweet of a rim we have to offer in the increasingly elusive 27" wheel size.

Maybe the Aero isn't your cup of tea, no worries, we've also offer two other rim selections in the 27" size:

- For a stock replacement for your Schwinn World Sport look no further than the Twin Hollow [below, left] with 32, 36, and 48 hole drillings.

-Maybe you're looking to beef up an old bike to start touring or spend a week over in Iowa for RAGBRAI, we also offer the Dyad[below, right] in a 27" with a drilling of 48 holes.

All this to say, we've got you covered. As with any of our rims, they can be hand-built to your custom specifications and desires.



Videos, videos, videos.

We continue to get to be part of some of the best videos within the FSFG realm. Each film seems to push further with better edits, film making, and creativity; which has been on par with the evolution of this segment of the cycling world.

Chris Fonseca has done it again with his new film, Revoked. One of our riders gets highlighted in it, Jakob Santos, throwing down on Chukkers and like so many has recently transitioned to P35s. Check out the preview below and to get your hands on a copy head over to Revoked store. A special promotion is being run between Fonsecafilms and Leader; when you purchase the film you are entered to win a Leader Trickstar 2.0 frame and Shadow Fork. Pretty stellar.

REVOKED TRAILER from Chris Fonseca on Vimeo.

And as if you needed more persuasion, Boltman's review:



What's in the box?

What's in the box?

a) Gwyneth Paltrow's head
b) MD
c) Interbike stuff
d) all of the above

For how much I would love to say the correct answer is D; it is, as you could have guessed it, C. Not only do our counter parts over in Australia make incredible rims, most of our Interbike booth for this coming September was designed and constructed by them. We're looking forward to mocking it up here in the coming weeks.

Some of you might be wondering who took home the prize of our Temporary Tat Bag-O-Goodies Give A Way. Although, Velocity tats where sent out, after searching both my in-box and junk-mail folder, only a submission from a cyclist here in Grand Rapids was received, 3 photos from Nicola Fester of the Founders Alger Racing Team were submitted. We'll let you decide your favorite and the winner.



It's getting to that point in the year, where both roadies and mountain bikers start looking towards the next season. Not necessarily 2011 but that rogue season that somehow brings both segments of cycling together in a joyous union; that is Cyclo-cross.

In what can only be seen as a huge year for us in the cyclo-cross arena with:

- the A23 rim and wheelset making the cross over from the crit circuit to the mud and barriers

- a brand new cross specific rim set to release in the coming weeks

- [with the UCI's latest rule change] our road disc hubs are coming into play in a big way.

What's so special about our Road Disc hubs? Well, for one they are instock, serviceable, durable and did I mention light? How light?

The front road disc hub comes in at 154 grams.
The rear road disc hub comes in at 348 grams.

We offer the road disc with both Campy and Shimano compatible freehubs. 6 bolt, 130mm spacing in the rear and 100mm in the front, both with sealed cartridge bearings. At this point we only offer this in a 32 hole drilling. Oh, did we mention that the A23 is comes in black 32 hole Non-machined sidewall and Sapim CX Ray spokes, colored alloy nipples are all available? Dare we say, hot wheelset? Yes!

For the weekend I'll leave you with the trailer for one of my favorite films on the sport, a must to check out on a rainy day...


Last Call...

Sorry everyone if you got a message on your Twitter or email earlier about a new post, the coffee had just began to hit and needless to say the fingers are a bit twitchy from the caffeinated goodness hitting the blood stream.


Just wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day to submit entries for the Temporary Tat Bag-O-Goodies Give A Way and your chance to get your hands on some Velocity Swag:

- our yet to be released to the public Velocity T-shirt
- Velocity can koozie
- a Bottle Trap
- Velocity Waterbottle
- Velocity Rim Extrusion Key Chain
- Velocity Sticker set
- the coup de grace, a signed picture of all the Velocity crew.

Email submissions to: adam@velocityusa.com


Event Videos.

In my search for the illusive ESPN video from the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship, I stumbled onto a few other videos from other events we've sponsored recently... Enjoy.

From Last Stand Waterfront Bike Polo Tourney back on July 9th-11th...

From NAHBPC [a local report]...

From the 2009 Lumberjack 100...

From the Summer Fix LA last weekend...

Summer Fix LA 2010 from Stop The Traffic on Vimeo.

From the Hell Yes! Sprints in Grand Rapids this past spring with Ryan, Jacobi and a hairy Matt in the background, why hasn't this been found sooner?

The ESPN video... it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. Until then... two randoms for you.

Deep V's!

THE BIKE SERIES - EP. 2 from Jon Chou on Vimeo.



As mentioned yesterday, ESPN visited NAHBPC in Madison this past weekend. I still have not been able to find any video but was able to find a write up from Sunday. Enjoy.

Bike polo isn't really for the timid
by Dan Murphy

MADISON, Wis. -- Imagine beer, bikes and polo meeting on asphalt and you'll start to get an idea of what hard-court bike polo is all about.

This little-known sport is an incredibly distant relative of horse polo -- but without any of the gentility. Cut-offs and T-shirts replace the more formal riding pants and tails; merciless hecklers serve as fans; worn asphalt tennis courts replace finely manicured polo pitches; and oozing scabs are a sign of a game well-contested. Oh, and tattoos, while not required, are certainly encouraged.

Welcome to the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships, in which 66 three-man teams competed over the weekend for a chance to play at the World Championships in Berlin, Germany, in August.

"To be good at this you have to be both good on your bike, and also have an understanding of athletics in general," said Jonny Hunter, the NAHBPC organizer. "You see a lot of hockey players, lacrosse and soccer players. It's a mix of what we jokingly call 'bike jocks.' "

"The Odds" won the tournament, putting the final game out of reach on a last-minute breakaway goal by Philadelphia's Mark Capriotti. He and his teammates, Chris Roberts and Nick Vaughn, survived three grueling, humid July days of competition (and booze-soaked nights) to win $3,600, which is intended for use on plane fare to the World Championships.

The championship was contested at something less than a pristine athletic venue. Ragged tennis courts on the outskirts of Madison were ringed by small plywood walls, while fans, high on Gatorade and Miller High Life, were enthusiastic.

Teams with names like "Stickmata" and "Bourbonic Plague" represented 44 cities. And the sport has clubs throughout Europe, East Asia, Australia and South America, as well as the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The bikes, mostly single-speed models from a wide range of makers, are battle scarred. Homemade mallets are a shortened ski pole with a six-inch chunk of HDPE pipe on one end. Endorsement dollars haven't found the sport yet. Clearly, hard-court bike polo is about the love of the game.

"It's a good community of good people," said Kevin Walsh, a Toronto resident who oversees leagueofbikepolo.com. "Hardcourt's been around about 10 years. But there's been people playing bike polo on asphalt as long as there has been asphalt and bikes."

Matt "Messmann" Messenger is the godfather of the sport (or "grandfather," as one fan sarcastically yelled during one of Messenger's games). The 39-year-old elder statesman started playing the game with bike courier friends in Seattle in the late 1990s.

"We started inviting people out on Friday night with beer and polo," Messenger said. "Then we started throwing tournaments. In 2005, you started hearing more about bike polo. And it was 'Wow, people are really starting to play this game and taking it legit.'"

The sport isn't for the timid. With one hand on a brake and one hand on a mallet, players chase a small plastic ball. There's no touching the ground with your feet -- and if you do, you get a "tap-in" at a designated spot to be able to return to the action.

Riders weave through opponents with amazing agility, but graceful biking can, and often does, quickly turn into a painful pileup.

The tight-knit community plays hard on and off the court. Beer and bloodshot eyes were abundant at the NAHBPC.

"We have these friends that we see maybe 10 times per year," Capriotti said. "Trust me, I wonder about the philosophy of our friendships. You come here and you know everybody. It's very strange, but it's cool."


In what might be the most original name for an event this year, the Thighs, Wings, and Bicycle Things!!!!! out in Ontario, California this weekend: July 25th at 3pm.

An afternoon full of trick comps (w/ ramps, rails and boxes), a vintage bike display, a 2-man photo scavenger hunt, and the cherry on top with Ken's Frickin Chicken Booth being open all day. I haven't had Ken's Chicken but I'm willing to put stamp of approval on it for killer name to a poultry shop. Plus, with the possibility of winning a bronze Chukker wheelset, I'm down for just about anything.

Want more information? Check out Bumstead Bicycles site.


A Weekend Update

This weekend we had the privilege of being part of a number of different events around the nation.

Starting out on the west coast, Summer Fix LA, where all the fixed gear freestyle riders made it out to throw down with a number of different events. One of the judges was John Watson of Prolly is not Probably, his site has a great run down of the event along with photos as they make their way to the inter-web. Here's a link to a video from the freestyle competition. Hats off to Wonka for taking 1st in the Advanced division, nice custom P35s by the way!

The NUE Series stop in Colorado for the Breckenridge 100. Results are now up on the site. Another solid year and turn out from the looks of it. Remember that overall winners for the series have a chance to win a set of wheels from us.

The North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship in Madison, Wisconsin. From all reports this event went off great! There is a rumor that ESPN was there for a bit getting some footage. I wasn't able to find anything that has been posted but hopefully once some thing hits the web, I'll have it for you all. Congratulations to the Odds who won the tournament and got a ticket to Worlds in Berlin. Cheers to all of you who competed, remember to keep your can cool!

Finally, Bike Stock Dos here in Grand Rapids. Bike Stock is simply a day promoting bicycle advocacy around the city. Alex and JBolt made there way down to the festival of sorts to hang out, drink some good beer and talk shop at the booth. In the last few years alone, GR has been making great strides in becoming a bicycle friendly city and the push has continued with editorials like this.

The answer to our Friday photo challenge as announced on our Twitter earlier today, after much review and valuable time spent researching, we'd say there are 9 different Velocity logos or product shown in the current issue of Urban Velo and at least 8 logos/products can be seen in the bonus photo. It's important to note that during our intensive search, we came to the conclusion that their are potentially more but we can not say without a doubt: 12 in Urban Velo and upwards of 49 in the bonus.


a picture challenge

In the last few weeks... we've mentioned our Benny Gold Special Edition rims, our Velocity Reflective rims and the new batch of can koozies. All of which, if you didn't check out, you should.

For this Friday, we have a game for you... since we're not clever enough today to come up with a name for it; it's simply a picture challenge. We recently received hard copies of the latest edition of Urban Velo which promptly made it's way to the head office for review. After many 'meetings', we noticed quite a few of our logos, rims, and wheels showing up all over the place in.

Here's what to do:
- click on the picture above which will take you to the online edition of Urban Velo
- spend ample amounts of company and/or personal time working your way through the issue
- find all the Velocity products, logos and such in the issue
- submit your answer

What you'll win:
- pride
- potential joy... potentially.

Bonus challenge:
- find all the Velocity in this picture.

Answer will be given on Monday via our Twitter.

Remember, if you want your chance to get your hands on some real Velocity swag don't forget about the Velocity Temporary Tat Back-O-Goodies Give A Way. The deadline for submissions is fast approaching!

Enjoy the weekend!


Hell of the MIDwest.

In what might rival JBolt's write up last week, Matt has our next installment, with links and videos and all, for our '...because we ride' series. Enjoy.

Sometimes you have to ride fast. Really fast…really really really fast. That’s what this bike is for.

My fast bike is a Schwinn Circuit - built in Greenville, Mississippi in December of 1989. This is the one that got me hooked. This is the one that got me going 40+ mph. It was on this bike, that I first cried while cycling. Not because I was sad, not because I was elated, but because I was going so damn fast that the wind pierced my eyeballs until they welled up with tears. I’ll never forget that feeling. I’ve had more saddle time on this bike than any other in my stable, by far. By FAR. We’ve been through a lot together.

Epic 150 mile beer runs.

Bleeding lung mash fests with the Founders guys.

Leisurely strolls around Reeds Lake.

Alleycats, with gears, for the win.

Here’s how it’s put together:

Headset: Shimano 105 1” Threaded

Brakes: Shimano R600 with Kool Stop pads

Stem: Profile H20

Bars: Deda 215 wrapped with Cinelli Volee tape

Shifters: Ultegra ST-6510, nine speed

Derailleurs: Shimano Ultegra 6500 front, 6600 rear

Cassette: Shimano Ultegra 11-23

Crank: SRAM Red 53/39

BB: SRAM Red Ceramic

Chain: Shimano Dura Ace 7701

Pedals: Crank Brothers Quattro SL

Seatpost: Thompson Elite

Saddle: Selle Italia Turbo re-release

Electronics: Shimano Flight Deck (awesome)

Hydration: Velocity OG Velocage, bright silver

Wheels: Velocity A23 Prototype 24/32. Radial front, radial non drive rear, two cross drive rear.

These are the finest road wheels I’ve ever had the pleasure of “rocking”. They replaced a set of 60mm carbon tubulars and I don’t miss them. They roll just as smooth and they’re almost as good at cutting wind. I’m using Hutchinson Fusion 2, 23c tires filled to 90 psi front, 85 psi rear. I’m in love with this setup. I can’t properly express in words how amazing they feel. They make me want to ride more. They’ve made me a better rider. I’ve never been more emotional about a set of wheels and I’m not ashamed to tell you about it. Get yourself a pair and your life will get better.

All totaled this rig is a hair over 22 lbs. Twenty two pounds of cycling bliss. Twenty two pounds of freedom.


5th All City

We won't hide it. Here at Velocity we're fans of All-City Bikes. I don't mind tooting our own horn and say that our wheels do look spectacular on their rigs. One of their co-founders, Jeff Frane, another friend in the industry who also heads up Bike Jerks, for the last 5 years has put on a little gathering over in the Twin Cities or the Cities or MPLS or Minneapolis, Minnesota [pick your fancy depending on your region] and we're glad to be a part of it again for the coming edition in August.

Here's the rundown of events:

Thursday Night - Fixed Gear Freestyle Heavyweight Championship of the World
I'm renting out a skatepark for 3 hours. One hour of jam, and two hours of contest. We will ride from One on One to the park, get rad, and then go swimming. A & B classes, and a women's division if there are any women interested in competing.

After the amazing experience that was Midwest Mayhem, I am super excited to hopefully host all of the heavyweights of the FGFS scene. Fly in Thursday during the day, ride the comp, and on Friday we'll spend the day riding street (there are some crazy spots here, and lines that we've been waiting to see get done). The rest of the weekend will be a nonstop party. Talk to your sponsors, beg your parents, whatever you gotta do, just get here. It's gonna be a big deal.

Friday Night - Match Sprints, Trackstand, Afterparty
Head to Head single elimination tournament, mens and women's divisions. The Robeast is the three year running champ, can any of you hosses out there dethrone the King of Sprint? As for trackstand, it will be a trackstand comp with people yelling "take your shirt off" the whole time. The Bedlam theatre (best balcony in town) will be hosting us after the sprints, drink specials!

Saturday - All City Championship Alleycat Race, Afterparty
It's going to be a racer's race with the most badass woman and man taking home the title of "All City Champ." If you think you're fast, show up and prove it. Men's and Women's categories with prizes for 1st through 3rd place. There will also be a masters division for men and women 35 and up, a prize for first fixed gear, and a DFL winner.

Expect picks and drops, a time trial component, and about 25 miles or so of racing. I will be posting several of the manned stops ahead of time to help level the playing field for the out of town contingent.

The awards and afterparty will be in the alley behind One on One, there will be several kegs, and hopefully Kopish and D.O. (sp?) will be spinning jams. Likely some hot derby action will ensue. There are few things better than a good party in a downtown alley, and this is going to be a good one.

There may also be a little street fair in the alley before the race for any sponsors who want to come out and setup a table and show/sell their goods.

Sunday - Freeride
Zito's annual booze cruise wraps up the weekend on Sunday. A slow leisurely ride through town with beer, DJ's, and fireworks. The perfect capper to the weekend's festivities.

This is a weekend of bike bliss. Mark your calendars. Be there. It's not only the right thing to do but it's worth it.

Don't forget about this weekend either. The Midwest is really the place to be.


Testing... one. two...

Product testing time...

The koozies are back! Royal, Forest, Kelly, Bright Orange, Red, Burgundy, Texas Orange, Black, Navy, Light Pink, Khaki, and Purple. These things couldn't have come at a better time, well, possibly last week when temperatures hit the 90s here in West Michigan.

Regardless, a cold beverage is always better than a warm one.



A few things.

I won't lie, I tried to avoid posting a video today but once I saw this over on Prolly's blog I had to, this was just too good.

Hillbilly Cats Bicycle Club =^.^= 10.07.2010 from Benjamin Donadieu on Vimeo.


In what was the last tournament before the North American in Madison this weekend, the Burlington Hardcourt Bike Polo crew put on the Last Stand Waterfront Bike Polo Tournament. Doesn't look like results or photos from the tournament have been posted yet but we look forward to hearing how things went and seeing who got to take home the Chukker wheelset!

Registration has closed for NAHBPC and you can see all who's joining in here.

68 teams. 44 cities. Stellar.

If you can't make it to Madison follow the event via their Twitter and we'll do our best to RT a few things on ours.


As mentioned before, we recently built up a set of Velocity Reflective Dyad's for CommutebyBike.com. Arleigh, the main contributor for the site, will be rocking them and reviewing them in the coming months. Have experience with them? Start the conversation.


Where's the beef?

Where's the beef?

Well, it doesn't get beefier than our Velocity Psycho rim.

Bomb Proof.
[Thank you Thesaurus.com]

From the McFerrin family rocking them around North America on their tandems to Wonka pushing them to the limit on his fixie; whatever word you would like to use to describe the strength of the Psycho rim, it can handle just about anything you throw at it.

This is part of the reason we are sending a set of these built up on 36 hole fixed/free track hubs for the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship next weekend in Madison. We are proud to be a Slayer level sponsor for the event and if it plays out right we'll have a few of the Velocity crew there hanging out watching some polo. We'll also be hooking everyone who is playing in the tournament, they will be receiving one of our can koozies in their player pack, which is important because it's always critical to keep your preferred drink of choice cold before, during and after a match.

Get out and enjoy the weekend. Watch the Tour, the World Cup final or if you're in the West Michigan area, join us for some polo on Sunday afternoon.


Stay Gold

Rest easy this isn't our pitch for Cash4Gold, but with gold at an all time high... You know the spiel, in the cycling realm, our Cash4Bike is the local pawn shop, unless you're in Toronto, and is never a place we'd want to see any bike we care about land. But I digress.

'Stay Gold' - The mantra of designer Benny Gold of San Fransisco.
To me, it's a reminder that all the ideas and experiences that we hold dear are the real gold inside each of us. This is what shapes us, what preserves our sense of self, and what keeps us young. When it came time for me to establish my own brand, I hadn't wavered from that concept, which is how the Benny Gold brand came to be.
_ BG

Benny Gold: Stay Gold from hypebeast.tv on Vimeo.

From Kirk Pacenti on the P35 to Benny Gold on the special edition Deep V's, we partner with these visionaries like these because of their innovation, knowledge and expertise in their specific fields. And it doesn't hurt that they are class act individuals.



So it's the 21st century with nearly a decade behind us, our world has been transformed by the digital culture and subcultures: Websites, blogs, instant messages, direct messages, Facebook, and Twitter. We can't run from it nor hide from it, posting this, micro or macro posting that.

All of this is nothing new.

Of course, we always enjoy it when messages come our way via the Tweed-machine. RTs, responses to our posts or the simple thank yous, all are welcome. A few as of late:

All this to remind everyone of the Temporary Tat Bag-O-Goodies Give A Way. We'll be posting a majority of the submissions, along with our favorites, as they come in on our Twitter. If you submit a photo, along with emailing it to me [adam@velocityusa.com] with all your contact information, feel free to at your Twitter handle.

And why not for you post July 4th hump-day blues, a video making the splash on the ol' intro-web but edited by the Autotune guys...

... see the original here.


Things to Come.

There is always some thing on the horizon and as always there are a number of events that we are pleased to be a part of. We do our best to keep the sidebar on the left of the blog updated with events where you'll have a chance to get your grubby hands on some Velocity swag. Each event is different so you never know.

A few events on the horizon to note:

- The Last Stand Waterfront Bike Polo Tournament :: Burlington, VT

Presented by Burlington Hardcourt Bike Polo

This Friday, July 9, 2010
- Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rough schedule:

Friday: registration, arrivals, pickup games. Opening event
Saturday: round robin play to determine finals bracket
Sunday: top 8 teams in double elimination format

16 teams. Downtown Burlington. A chance to win a Velocity 700c 48 hole Chukker track/SS wheelset.

- Breckenridge 100 :: Breckenridge, CO

Saturday, July 17th

This race is part of the NUE [or National Ultra Endurance Race] Series we are proud to be a sponsor of. Sure these are races but as most will tell you within the Ultra Endurance scene, they are battles against yourself and this race is no different with the event, stating:

'You've done the rest, now take the test'

- North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships :: Madison, WI

Friday, July 16, 2010 - Sunday, July 18, 2010

96 teams. 8 courts. If you thought Midwest 8 was big, wait until this. Have a chance to win a Velocity 26" 36 hole Psycho track/SS wheelset.

Follow it over on Twitter, I'll do my best to RT notable posts on the Velocity Twitter also.

- Finally, if you're from the West Michigan area, there is the Grattan Race Series. This event has been going on weekly through the summers at Grattan Raceway, for the last 31 years. If you're looking to get a taste of what road racing is or an established vet, the Grattan Race Series offers both A and B races on Wednesday nights.

Of course, if you can't make it to these, remember there is always the First Ever Velocity Temporary Tat Bag-O-Goodies Give A Way you can be a part and have a chance at getting some Velocity gear.


the 5th. not the 4th.

In a day that can only be compared to National Hangover Day for those of us who have to work, celebrating our nations birth on a Sunday evening and then proceeding to work the following day is a bit... sluggish. But nevertheless when we are here, things are rocking!

But for now, a few videos for you if you're still celebrating July the 5th!

First, the video that that has had me waiting for Jacobi to finally eat his shoe...

Bicycle from Agent Bonjorno on Vimeo.

Enjoy the Tour...




There is hardly a better way to celebrating America better than with J-Bolt and his ride. But we'll try...

On this grand Friday morning before our nations birthday weekend, Jacobi took on a project to reorganize some of the often overlooked areas of Velocity USA headquarters. In between building shelves and moving Veloplugs, he stumbled onto some old promotional items that we had almost forgotten: Velocity Temporary Tattoos.

This of course stirred the creative juices and after a few jokes one idea gained traction, with the spirit of high snobbery:

It's your chance to get your hands on some sweet Velocity Swag: our yet to be released to the public Velocity T-shirt, Velocity can koozie, a Bottle Trap, Velocity Waterbottle, Velocity Rim Extrusion Key Chain, Velocity Sticker set and the coup de grace a signed picture of all the Velocity crew.

So here's what you do. Send a self addressed STAMPED envelope to:

Velocity Temporary Tat Give-A-Way
c/o Velocity USA
2280 29th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508

What you'll receive back, a few of our Velocity Temporary Tattoos to creatively place it on your body or a creative picture and submit via email to:


Please include contact information with your submission. All entries must be received by July 22nd and we only have 2 requirements:

1 - Somehow involves the Velocity temporary tattoo

2 - Is an image that people can look at on a blog.

There is no limit to the amount of submissions as long as they adhere to the 2 requirements. We will be posting submissions both here and on our Facebook/Twitter pages.

The winners will be determined by the newly formed Velocity Committee for Sweet Things and announced July 27th.

Be creative. Enjoy your Freedom. Have a great 4th of July!


more polo.

6 times year one of our favorite publications comes out, Urban Velo. We really can't express how much we enjoy the magazine itself or how much respect we have for Jeff and Brad for putting it all together and how great they are to work with it. We've highlighted a number of items so far this year in it; from the Halo Reflective Rims, to our ability to custom build wheels to your exact specification and need, and last issue the Bottle Trap. In this installment, since Matt and a few others of the GR crew making it to the Midwest 8 tournament in Minneapolis and being on the verge of the North American Tournament in Madison here in July; we wanted to simply say thanks to everyone in MPLS for a stellar time and advocate a bit for more to join in on this growing subculture of cycling.

Waaay back in June, we had the privilege to be part of another bicycle polo tournament down in Indiana. It was the first ever Indiana Invitational presented by the Bloomington Bike Polo crew, held in Bloomington, IN on the Indiana University campus. With a strong showing of around 60 players representing 7 states it's easy to say that it was a success. The tournament even garnered enough attention that the local paper did a write up on it. Check it out, in what I'll call great polo fashion the article seems to give a great snap shot of the growing polo culture.

We contributed one of our handbuilt Chukker wheelsets to the tournament, which ended up being awarded to the MVP of the day, Ben from St. Louis Dignified Gentlemen. The Dignified Gents also went on to win the tournament by beating the Butt Suckers from Columbus, Ohio. A great day for the Lou', and from all accounts a great event and time for everyone involved. Next time hopefully it works out for us to get a team together and head down.

For more pictures from the event, check out the comment section of their post or see a few here.