Pardon the mess

We've been busy over the past month or so rearranging The Wheel Department, so our apologies if the phone rings a little longer from time-to-time. The changes should bring some much needed organization and efficiency improvements, as well as accommodate future growth and expansion.

It may look a little chaotic, but we assure you there's a method to our madness

Most know our own Jeff Jacobi for his stellar wheel builds, fast laps and his early 90's Camaro Z28, but he's also the mind and muscle behind the new layout. Rarely satisfied with anything "off the shelf," he's gone so far as to build a completely custom workbench for our master wheelbuilder Paul  (PVW on your wheel tag), as well as matching custom spoke racks.

Check out Cobi's handiwork:

Paul's custom bench 

Our new custom spoke rack 
We've also expanded our employee parking a bit