We can do that....

Here are some 54" Aeros we rolled for our friends over at Rocky Mountain High Wheels, to give you an idea of how big these are, they are pictured with a 700c Deep V. Also pictured is our trusty high-low Allis.


Jeff's Pimpin Rat Rod Tricycle

Jeff, one of our master wheel builders put this tricycle rat rod together in is spare time. It's rocking a 700c B43 up front, with two 24" NON MSW Aeroheats on the rear. Custom built platform, which will someday include a beer cooler, or keg-orator. A three speed drivetrain, with a Schwinn springer fork on the front.


Super secret 2014 product development

"Velocity...the best name with which to fish"

As a way to demonstrate our gratefulness for the Pabst he brings us every Thursday, we've given our latest R&D product to our friend Bruce for testing and evaluation. Coming 2014 you'll be able to outfit your rig with a Velocity spinning reel. It looks like the proto is working just fine! Just kidding, we're not getting into the fishing business, but you can rest assured the reel pictured isn't a Shimano! Keep 'em coming Bruce.


It's about time we received these! This is the first set we built up here at Velocity USA. They built up super nice, and came out truer than true. We have one more set of rims we will be building up on some Chub Hubs for a COG review. The mother load will be hitting our door step in just a couple weeks.