And we're off again...

It's another short week here and we're getting as many orders out before another 4 day weekend. We'll be back to a normal work week starting on Monday, January 4. With the extended weekend what better thing to do than to get out and ride. So if you're in the West Michigan/Grand Rapids area there is a New Years Day ride being hosted by Founders Racing. They're hoping to get 100 people out for a nice little spin around town to help burn off the New Years Eve fog, plus it's just a great way to start fresh for 2010. More info click here. As if there were any doubt, some of the Velocity crew will be representing. Hopefully we'll see you there.

The latest issue of Urban Velo is now out and available for free download at their site; it's a pretty stellar publication to say the least. Sure, we're biased but we've got a good ad [seen above] in there on our new reflective powder coating that due out in February '10. The photo we used was not photoshopped, the rims shine bright white when direct light hits them and in daylight are black. Contact your local bike shop if you're interested for pricing!

So until next year, from all of us here at Velocity...
Have a safe and enjoyable New Years!

[Some of the crew from Interbike '09]


After much ado...

Now, I won't lie. I didn't know exactly what to expect for pictures from the Ray's trip by the guys. I knew that the battery died pretty quickly into the trip but I still had hopes that a few good shots would make it.

Well, they never claimed to be artists only riders; only around 6 pictures made it and honestly I'm ok with that because the last thing you want to do at Ray's is carry around a camera while you're riding let alone stop and take pictures.

Brian over at Alger Cycle was kind enough the lend out their van to get everyone to Cleveland. There ended up being around 13 guys making the trip, 8 in van [one picked up in Detroit] and another 5 who met up at Ray's. As Brad mentioned this was the maiden voyage for the blue van and what better way to stretch the legs than a 5 hour drive from GR to Cleveland; fortunately, no issues. Ryan and Jacobi spearheaded the trip guaranteeing anyone who went to improve at least 20% and I think it's safe to say, everyone had a blast and improved in some regard. Here are a few pictures that made it back...

Waiting to take off...
View from the back of the van...

Matt fresh off the 'Sport' or Intermediate section

Sure, more pictures would have been nice but then again they went there to ride and that's what we do... we ride our bikes.
A video that has been making it's way around Velocity this morning definitely shows the versatility of the bicycle... not only as an instrument of recreation and exercise but also an instrument of the beat down.

It appears that the proper form to use when delivering a beat down with a bike is strikingly similar to that of a cyclocross dismount and transition over a barrier. Don't be afraid when preparing to use your bike as an instrument of carnage to line up to your target, making sure that not only both wheels hit the desired object/person but also the frame. This video was a classic example of a 2-for-1 deal and proving that a bicycle beats anything with a motor on it.

Now for the answer you've all been waiting for to yesterdays 'Who's Cousins' edition of the Wheel Department Trivia... That question being 'At a recent Christmas gathering, one Velocity employee became aware of being distant cousins to what other Velocity employee... Name those two... ' Was it A. J-Bolt B. Rach C. Ryan or D. M.D.?

The answer is best told in pseudo-story form. The one and only J-Bolt or Boltman or his newest name/title for himself being that of Shipmas-Christ [yeah, we know] was celebrating Christmas Eve with his family. Seeing that J-Bolt is such the family man, conversation was aplenty. Since bikes and our work are never far from our mind or the conversations we seem to get into, J-Bolt was talking with a cousin. Through the normal family banter a fellow Velocity employees name was brought up and then realized that there was a strange connection. As the day went on, it began to become clear that there were family ties... distant cousins going some thing like this:

J-Bolt has a cousin, who is married to a guy, who has a brother, who is married to girl, who dated a guy, who's best friend roomed with a few guys and one of their sisters mothers had a grandfather who was the parent of twins who were separated at birth, who then met later in life through a cousin who was married to woman who ended up knowing another lady who married a cousin of Ryan.

If you haven't put it together yet, the two Velocity employee's who are distant cousins by law are J-Bolt and Ryan. It's an extremely distant bond but regardless the world may never quite be the same after this realization.

Of course, a quickly photoshoped picture was in order for such an occasion.


And we're back at it...

In what we'll call my feeble attempt at an Ansel Adams type photo, a quick glimpse into the Velocity wheel department. You can see our Senior, err, Master Wheel Builder Paul and Ryan getting back into the swing of things after a great 4 day weekend, even though it's another short week here at the Velocity there's always a wheel to be built.

There was a bit of, let's say disturbing, news that came about over the holiday. Disturbing maybe an overstatement, but it surely illuminates some things and that news [queue the dramatic music] is this weeks...
Wheel Department Trivia

We'll put today's trivia in the Name Those Cousins category. At a recent Christmas gathering, one Velocity employee became aware of being distant cousins to what other Velocity employee... Name those two...

The shocking answer tomorrow. I have not forgotten about an update on Ryan, J-Bolt, Matt and Jacobi's trip to Ray's a week back, simply waiting on some pictures. For now, head over to the Founders Racing site and read a little write up from one of their riders who headed down with the crew.


Merry Christmas! We're outta here.

Stumbled onto some of our friends over at Bike Jerks, and it looks like yesterday was 'New Bike Day'. Looks like a pretty sexy build to say the least but the comic at the top was definitely what set it off. So cheers to you 'Sexual Intercourse: The Bike'... you've got a pretty nice trap.

Unless you live under a rock [and if that is the case, I really doubt you encounter the intro-web all to frequently or have an email machine for that matter], 'tis the season the time has come and we're getting a few extra days off here at Velocity to celebrate the coming Christmas holiday. A time to for us to relax and spend a few days around our families and friends. We're closing down shop on both the 24th and 25th; it's also important to note that we'll also be getting our celebration on of the New Year and will be closed the 31st and 1st. Until next week...


We're pretty proud of our stuff...

Yesterday we got an email from Adam Pelzer, one of the fine gentlemen from our Australian counterparts, showing a bike he just finished up for his soon-to-be wife. It's a pseudo Bianchi, in that it has Bianchi stickers on it and is celeste; regardless it turned out to be a hot bike. It did make both Jacobi and myself a bit jealous that we don't have easy access to powder coating like Pelzer does.

Sure, you might be surprised that we would be posting a picture of a bike that's rocking Aerospoke wheels instead of our own Velocity wheels. To the eye you'd think that there isn't anything from us on their wheels but in all reality Aerospoke has been using our handbuilt Aerohead and Aeroheat rims, made in Australia, exclusively for around 16 years. [It might be important to note that our southern hemisphere friends are the Australian distributor of Aerospoke too].

Our ability to make high quality rims and wheels has not gone unnoticed by other companies in the industry. In the past we have made rims for Cane Creek, Easton, HED and American Classic to name a few. We also supply wheels for Invacare [specializing in wheelchairs] and WizWheelz [makers of the TerraTrike] and have a number of partnerships with brands like SE for their PK Ripper Fixed Gear [which is rocking our Chukker rim] and Volae recumbents [who use a number of our recumbent wheels]. From the fixie rider to recumbent cruiser, the mountain biker to someone confined to a wheelchair, our rims and wheels can handle just about any application you can think of. Our stuff is tried and true!

These are just a few of the many reasons why we and so many others consider Velocity wheels and rims to be 'The best name to ride with'!


Legend of the Rogue Stallions

Many have heard of the 3 Wolves or the Lone Wolf but there is a legend few have heard, yet just as epic. It's a story with much uncertainty and very little is actually known of the origin, it is the Legend of the Rogue Stallions.

The Rogue Stallions have rarely been seen or let alone successfully photographed. Much like the Lone Rangers, these stallions are a breed unlike any other. To some, it is simply written off as two horses running together. Others, simply believe these stories are myth or doctored photos, much like that of the Loch Ness Monster.

But somehow, in some old advertising, we have caught a rare glimpse of these uncontrollable beasts, answerable to no one [let alone their own kind], running together and all the more surprising, along side a rider rocking a Velocity kit!

Until we examined the photo closer and did a bit of research did we realize what a gem we had on our hands. The speed at which the stallions are able to run when together is staggering, thus making the ability to take a clear photo all the more difficult. You will see that even in our photo the stallions are blurred. The rider in the photo, seeming to understand the magnitude of riding in such close proximity to these amazing creatures raised her fist at the most opportune time, capturing forever the Rogue Stallions.

Oh how the stars were aligned, I do not believe such a sighting has ever happened before and the likelihood of it occurring it again seems all too slim. But the Legend of the Rogue Stallions will live on...



As the week comes to a close, orders continue to be filled, wheels are being built and friendly wagers are being paid. If you remember yesterday, I decided to take on Jacobi in a friendly wager concerning the 'Pump' shoes. I think we can all agree that there was really only one 'real' pump shoe and others simply made shoes that NASA would be proud of.

But not being a sore loser, I pay up... and pay up promptly regardless of the amount of trash talk surrounding the bet. As you can see by Jacobi's enthusiastic expression on his face and the box in his hand, there is payment in full: 500 of the finest U.S. pennys.

Don't go spending it all in one place!

Now, the Friday Highlight... As mentioned on Tuesday we got quite a few rims and bottle traps in and if you were at Interbike this past fall you might have been able to get a sneak peak into these guys.

Some of you might remember our former bottle cage, the Velocage. It had an amazing run and was hard to say goodbye to. What closed the door on the Velocage was the machine we used to make them continued to break and the cost to fix and replace was not worth it to continue with that style. We then began to develop a cage that would be just as reliable and strong as the previous style.

Enter the Bottle Trap, this composite cage is being made just down the road from our Austrailia facility and has the same quality you come to expect from us, satisfaction guaranteed. We're offering it in a slew of colors to match whatever setup and color combo you might be rocking.

Remember if you're in Dallas or San Francisco to check out the Skidaddelisco Alleycat on Saturday and on Sunday the Pedallas 'The Twenty' Alleycat. Also tomorrow and Sunday, a few of the guys are heading down to Rays MTB in Cleveland. Jacobi, Ryan, J-Bolt and Matt will be riding in the afternoon and then again Sunday. Stop and say hello if you happen to be in that neck of the woods. Hopefully we'll have some pictures from the trip for you next week. Until then, enjoy...

Rays MTB Promo 30 from nocturnal bmx on Vimeo.


The Revival

As many of you know, The Revival film is now making it's rounds with premieres around Canada and the US for around a month now. You'll notice a few B43 and Chukker wheel sets in the Buffalo premier teaser [shown below]. If you haven't seen the full preview of the film check out their site.

VĂ©LOrue X Revival Premiere Buffalo NY! from Bill Bottriell on Vimeo.

In a totally unrelated side note, I just lost $5 to Jacobi betting him that Nike did not make a pump shoe. Unfortunately, they did but they shouldn't have.

Still trying to figure out why these things didn't catch on back in '89. I guess Marty McFly couldn't push them as much as they'd like. Thank you Wikipedia for proving me wrong.


In the land of P. Wood...

Every now and again, the guys back in the wheel department start to dream. Dreaming of big dreams of long rides, good beer, and what the world would be like if the Phil Wood Spoke Cutter ruled the world... Yes, I am serious.

So sit back, relax, hell put your feet up and let your imagination go as we drift off to the magical land of P. Wood...

As we become accustom to this new land it seems strangely familiar, not too different from the world we know now but only better. No, this is not a world of candy cains and lolly pops but a world of precision and excellence. This is a world where there is no human error and the spokes are always the perfect length and have amazing threads; where spoke tension is never a battle. This is the world we would expect from a machine such as the Phil Wood Spoke Cutter and Threader.

It might come as some surprise that this world is a magical place where your coffee if always at the right temperature; never too hot, never too cold. Always tasting almost sweet but alive with the full flavor of the beans. There would be no need to find fair trade coffee beans either, for this is a place where all is fair and equal. Coffee would not be a necessity either, rather a spice of life because in the Land of P. Wood you would never run late, always waking up at the perfect time.

There are seasons here, yet they don't interfere with life and serve as a marking of time. In the winter, there is plenty of snow for the holiday season but the snow is only in the grass and in the trees, never on the pavement. In the spring, mud is contained to the single track and mountain trails yet there is never a need to wash your kit since it will always be clean. In summer, the sun will always shine, the nights will always be clear and the occasional thunderstorm will only roll in during the night to help usher you to sleep. Then in the fall, the leaves will continue to fall but mysteriously disappear never needing to be raked.

We are all family here in the Land of P. Wood: from Roadies and Mountain bikers, to BMXers and recumbent riders all get along as brothers and sisters. This is a place where you spouse reminds you that 'It's ok, you need time with your buddies and on your bike. Go on!'. Oh, this is a magical place where the Phil Wood Spoke Cutter rules the land.

So ends our little daydreaming of this perfect Utopia...

In all seriousness, a big thanks to all the crew over at Phil Wood for continuing to put out amazing products!


Container Day

Days like today always have us playing catch up in the afternoon but there's no reason for us to complain about that. Today was container day... since we manufacture our own rims Down Under every month or so we get a container of goodies our way. I didn't get a chance to get a time lapse camera set up so for now you only get to see a few pictures of some of the warehouse and all the rim boxes before we got them put away.

Here's a better idea of all that we received today...

Got to keep today's post short, wheels to build and orders to fill. I should mention before I head out, we did just get in a slew of colors for our new Bottle Trap and they do look hot!


Holiday Ride

This past Sunday, the WMMBA put on their annual Holiday Ride. This was just a great casual ride around Grand Rapids as we celebrate simply riding and also join in on some of the Christmas 'spirits'. The ride was lead by Steve from Ada Bike shop, who did a great job of keeping all 30 or so of us rider all wrangled up and behaving.

The ride left from Founders Brewery shortly after 1pm...

Riding a strong 1.5 miles to our first stop...

the Winchester, [or 'A' on the map] a great little bar named hopefully after this great movie...

We then packed up to stretch the legs out a bit further... around a half a mile to be certain
to land at the Green Well [point 'B']

We finally actually got out and road a bit further north of town where we passed a sledding hill that a majority of the riders just had to try out, fortunately [or unfortunately depending on your outlook] no one went down [point '0']

Stop 3 [point 'C']took us to Quinn & Tuite's Pub, which was my favorite stop of the day if I had to pick a favorite over Founders. Just a great neighborhood pub.

The ride then headed on to Cambridge House. J-Bolt, Matt, myself and few others headed to 'X of Death' instead of stopping at the next stop. Unfortunately, the 'X of Death' was more of an 'X of too much work for no pay off' so much so that the pictures taken there were embarrassingly sub par. No worries though, we then completed the ride by landing back at Founders.
Just a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Here's a map of the ride for your enjoyment:

On another note, the Skidaddleisco Alleycat that was scheduled for this past weekend got rained out due to rain. Mark your calendar's West Coasters, it'll be running THIS weekend the 18th. Another reason to get out and ride to try to get your hands on some sweet swag...


Merry Velo-Christmas... party

It's a quiet day here at Velocity...

Although A.G.B.09 has run it's course, its bastard step child called lake effect decided to crash the party and make the roads just bad enough to make driving an experience. Yesterday evening was no different, as we closed up shop here on the SE side of town and headed towards downtown for our Christmas party.

The night started off with a few games of pool, a few drinks, a good meal then followed by a few more games of pool and a few more drinks... you know, like your typical family Christmas minus that awkward conversation with that uncle who talks about the ol' days of Gerald Ford and how they don't make things like they use to. The night was free of all the drama that often surrounds this time of year when celebration is really what is called for.

I'll let a few pictures tell some of the stories from the night but there is always more to say...

[reason #5,368 of why it's often dangerous to let Boltman out into public...]

This weeks Friday Highlight is our 48H Track Hubs.
These hubs are rocking sealed bearings with a fixed/free rear [and have no fear, a fixed/fixed is in the works] Weight on the front comes in at 272g and the rear 324g respectively, with 100mm front and 120mm rear.
These hubs are available as part of a stellar complete wheel build [say on a Chukker, for all you Polo folk out there] or sold separately. Check with your local bike shop for pricing and there is still plenty time to get these before the 25th.
Have a great weekend everyone! Remember, if you're in San Francisco or St. Petersburg check out those alleycat's or if you're looking for a good winter ride the wMMBA is putting on Holiday Ride this Sunday from Founders. It's already a go for a few of us here, hopefully we'll see you there!


Lot's of hype.

Well, the Al Gore Blizzard of '09 isn't quite living up to all the hype and I can't really say that's a bad thing. Although the road conditions haven't been the greatest that didn't stop the year round weekly ride here in GR, the Wednesday evening ride put on Daniel Koert of Commute GR bike shop. Due to some of what we'll call blizzard celebrating here, none of us made it out to join in on the ride but there is always next week.

I stumbled onto this first video from the guys over at Portland Design Works and needless to say this youngin' is a rager...

Now, no matter how cool what this kid is doing the video below reminds us that just because you saw it on the internet doesn't mean it's some thing you should try...

Tonight we've got our annual Christmas party at 'the Robert' and needless to say, tomorrow could be a long day here at Velocity.



Mess with the best, get boxed like the rest. MD learned. It's been an interesting day here at Velocity to which we're blaming on the 'Al Gore Blizzard of '09' [or at least that's the name given at lunch], that's about to unleash it's fury on us. But wheels must still be built and orders still processed... we'll leave you with a video...


Yankee Doodle

Despite the snow this past weekend Ryan and Jacobi went out and rocked Yankee Springs. Got a few good pictures and a nice little ride report from Ryan:

'The single track was firm, the sky was clear, and the snow was exactly the right depth. I will also say that P-35’s, set-up tubeless may be the very best wheelset I have ever ridden. With the right pressure it felt like having 80 millimeters of suspension.

Having Phil Collins stuck in my head from earlier that morning couldn’t even ruin the rush of bombing the slick, ice covered, root infested descents that Deep Lake [Yankee Springs] has to offer. In the end, this ride taught me that when your coworker calls you a pussy for not wanting to ride in the snow, get off your butt and go. It may just turn into a great day.'

_ _ _

Now, as I sit dreaming of mild spring time weather and hot summer days, waiting for a blizzard to hit us here in the north, I've got another Alleycat race this weekend to tell you about. The Skidaddleisco Alleycat race out west in San Francisco this Saturday. You'll have a chance to get your hands on a Fusion track wheelset and some Deep V and B43 rims. Check out their website for more details.

As for the answer for yesterday's Wheel Department Trivia... the answer is simply the perfect storm of J-Bolt entering the room. In his words 'Like a tsunami bombi!'
I am still trying to figure out what that means.


Look out Dallas and St. Petersburg!

Two upcoming events that we've sent a little swag towards coming up this month. The first is the Nut-Cracker II Alleycat down in St. Petersburg, Florida coming up this Saturday, December 12th put on by St. Pete's Skirts. There will be a Deep V wheel set up for grabs.

The next is also down south put on by the Pedallas crew, the Twenty Alley Cat happening on Sunday, December 20th. There you will have the chance to get your hands on some Deep V and Chukker rims.

Keep checking back here for more events from around the nation, where you'll be able to get your hands on some sweet Velocity gear and enjoy a good time getting out on the bike! I'll be doing our best to highlight these upcoming events and there will always be a running list on the sidebar.

Finally I leave you with today's Wheel Department Trivia:

How do you go from E.P.A. regulations to two girls, one cup in the same conversation?

The answer tomorrow.


Friday Highlight

Today, I offer you our Friday Highlight. This is an opportunity for us to select an item or items from our vast selection of rims, wheels and wheelsets, or even some of our accessories that might have been overlooked, are hot off the press, or just plain special to highlight. All items highlighted will be available for purchase. Contact your local Velocity dealer for availability and special Highlight pricing.

Today we highlight our Special Edition Benny Gold Deep V track wheelset:

Who is Benny Gold you might ask? Well, Benny Gold 'is an independent graphic designer based in San Francisco, CA. Best known for his work with Huf and Mash, Benny has created the original identities, for both brands, and continues to contribute to them on a regular basis. He also works with many notable clients, including Stussy, Nike, Adidas, Real Skateboards, Ipath and DVS footwear. [per his website]'.

For this special edition we took our ever popular 700c 32H Deep V rim powder-coated on one side black, on the other gold; partnered with upgraded black track hub and black spokes and nipples make for an very unique and extremely attractive wheelset.

Individual rims are also available.

Once again, please contact your local Velocity dealer for availability and special Highlight pricing.



For those of you who are in the know, we have some pretty great mountain bike trails up here in the mitten. The governing body for these trails, the Michigan Mountain Bike Association, has been doing a stellar job at advocating, developing and starting these trails state-wide; benefiting not only us riders but many a hiker and equestrian. These trails have been some thing of great pride and work for the many MMBA members and officers who have donated their time and energy for the enjoyment of the masses.

Unfortunately, we all know how trails around the country and world have been lost or are on the brink of being closed because of the actions of a few. This is where most might stop reading, thinking it's the normal talk we've heard before or assuming that it's just the typical rant about poor decisions and choices or maybe you might not even understand completely what all the fuss is about. The reality, sure... nothing is new but even if you're not a mountain biker it's important to understanding the effects of how we ride and handle ourselves when not riding has on the non-rider.

Recently it has become a topic of discussion around here, posted over on our local chapter of the MMBA's site, the Western MMBA, and also on a few forums what some of the issues and problems occurring at a new trail, Luton Park, have been. This pilot trail system has become a very popular and developed very quick with a number of stellar loops for all ability levels. On the wMMBA blog, there is a great thread concerning what has been happening and below I've post what seems to be at the heart of it...

The issues we're beginning to experience at Luton is microcosm of what occurs nationwide, so Yes! these things have either happened at your local trails, are happening at your local trails, or some time will happen at your local trails...

Illegal Parking

Let's be honest, we all know where we should park but our Walmart mentality of getting the closest spot possible often takes over. So remember, you're out there to ride your bike if you get to park further away it only means you get to spend more time in the saddle... which is what you wanted to do anyways.

Night riding in parks [Tresspassing]

Night riding rocks. Riding on new trails or cutting new trails can be exhilarating. But the reality is, these rules are for your safety. Certain trails do open up at certain times of the year to ride at night, take advantage of it or join in the fun of the growing endurance race scene. If you want to develop new trails, look into your local organizations like the MMBA who not only maintain the trails you already love, but develop new trails WITH the support of the local communities.

Urinating in Public

When you've gotta go, you've gotta go but use your discretion. Don't simply pull off the trail or at the trail head or open your car door and go in the parking lot.

Consumption of alcohol on public lands and littering

Bikes and Beer. Yes, it's a match made in heaven. It's hard to beat the feeling of a cold one after a good ride but the reality of it is, there are proper places for it to happen and their are not. This might be one of the easiest things to crack down on and at the same time one of the easiest not to have to worry about. So ask yourself, do you want to have the law enforcement patrolling our parks instead of in the cities and towns where their presence might be more important?

Disobeying Trail Courtesy

Advocacy starts here and ends here in a lot of ways. Faster and experienced riders, your actions teach the newbies what flys and what doesn't. Even if a trail intended for the bike, hikers and equestrians get the right of way. It's the harsh reality we live in but that's the trade off we've made to have our trails. Announce when you're going to pass or when you're coming up on a fellow rider. Slower riders, be aware of your surroundings and slide to the right when encountering other riders. Doing these things naturally make the trails function smoother and properly.

I'll step down from my soap box but in the end, as with life... Perception is far too often reality but our actions will always speak louder than our words. Keep this in mind or the things we care about could be the things we lose.


So long Fall...

Here in Michigan it seems we are on the edge of winter today, with the next few days expecting to see the tempature drop and the possibilities of snow ever increasing. I've started to realize that I might have missed out on this extended mild fall by not riding nearly as much as I could have.

Earlier today I stumbled upon a video that has been bouncing around a bit; I think it serves as kind reminder of the loss of freedom we're about to experience...

Well, maybe not.

Getting doored is definitely not the way to experience freedom [that is unless you like pain... J-Bolt], ranking slightly behind dealing with snowplows and ice. That's not to say winter riding doesn't have it's perks, it's just different. So as we wait for winter to officially begin, it might be time to start mentally prepare for what's to come.


Turning a page...

If you haven't noticed, our blog has shed a few layers, changed a few colors, and moved a few things around. Not to say that there is anything wrong with what has been done in the past but we were all ready for some much needed updating.

Of course, you can still expect us to post updates on new product and reviews on what we consider the finest bicycle products on market. We are also excited to show the world the bicycle culture that surrounds Velocity USA.

Time will only tell on what lays ahead, but buckle your seatbeat and put your tray back in its upright and locked position, we hope to make this interesting.