Velocity at NAHBS '11

Over the weekend, I kept tabs on NAHBS via the Urban Velo feed and a few others as you might have also. Brad from Urban Velo had set up shop and was taking studio shots of a bunch of the bikes being showcased during the show. You can check out all the work here but I went through and pulled all the studio shots done with our rims on them.

I'm sure there are plenty bikes that might not have made it to the UV studio, so if you were at the show share you photos of Velocity products head over to our Facebook page - I'm sure we're not the only ones who'd like to seem them!

From Herbie Helm Cycles:
Last but not least, from Naked Bicycles and Design:


Road Trip?

Now, I had heard that Ray's MKE had finally opened and granted I have yet to be to the original but that's not to say a road trip shouldn't be in order and head across the lake to check the new one out.

Ray's MKE Now Open from RaysMTB on Vimeo.

Or maybe head down south to Austin for this weekends North American Handmade Bicycle Show. We couldn't make it down there this year with Frostbike last week but we know that our stuff is going to be represented on some pretty stellar bikes.

I love Michigan... I do, but it's hit the point in the winter season where it's easy to day dream of traveling.


Frostbike Recap

Part of the Velocity crew headed over the Minneapolis to take part in QBP's annual Frostbike dealer show. We had some exciting things to announce as part of the 3 day event - incase you weren't able to go, here's a rundown...




You might have seen this mentioned over at TwentyNineInches.com on Friday. We are happy to announce the latest rim to the Velocity line, the Blunt SL. Taking the proven success of the P35 and the Blunt we have created a tubeless race day rim that is sure to elevate your riding.

Spec on the Blunt SL -

Sizes: 26" and 29er

Drillings: 28, 32, and 36 hole

Colors: Black, Silver, White

Rim: 420g

Pro wheelset:
Rims: Blunt SL 28 hole
Spokes: Sapim CX Ray
Front Laced: 2x Disc-side, Radial Non-disc
Rear Laced: 2x Drive and Non-drive

Comp wheelsets and custom builds are also available.



Same rim.
New decal.

Old meets new, new meets old. We redesigned the Synergy decal to give it a little more 'old world' flair as you bust out miles on back roads and gravel.

Whether your touring or simply out pushing yourself - it's hard to beat the Synergy!



Velocity Reflective rims and wheels have revolutionized the commuting, touring and recumbent markets with this reflective powder coating technology.

Continue to help promote safe cycling in your cycling co
mmunity with Velocity Halo rims and wheels!

Velocity Reflective is offered on these rims:

- Dyad : 700c : 32H 36H : Machined Sidewall/Nonmachined Sidewall
- Fusion : 700c : 32H : Machined Sidewall/Nonmachined Sidewall
- Deep V : 700c : 32H 36H : Machined Sidewall/Nonmachined Sidewall
- B43 : 700c : 32H : Nonmachined Sidewall
- Cliffhanger : 26" [559] : 36H : Machined Sidewall/Nonmachined Sidewall
- Aeroheat : 20" [406] 26" [559] : 32H : Machined Sidewall/Nonmachined Sidewall



You're not going to miss this one going by. We recently joined in on a project with Monster Energy Drink and Freqnt Flyr. Which featured our Antifreeze Track Deep V's on Freqnt Flyr's Mestizo frame, making this definitely a one-of-a-kind bike. Remember, the Bottle Trap can easily fit all sorts of refreshments in it - be that a can of Monster or other canned goods.

Also, be on the look out this summer on MTV's Fantasy Factory for this summer for another collaboration...

The weather is turning here pretty mild here in Michigan for a few days, hopefully you can get out and ride this weekend like we are!



So you might have caught wind about the extremely limited amount of white A23 Pro Wheelsets. 5 of these wheelsets flew out of our warehouse last week to shops around the United States and we have only 1 of these gems instock. That's right, only 6 of these are in existence right now.

They are hot to say the least and here is your chance to be the first to have these as the season starts up!

On another A23 note, you might have heard over on the Hands On site a few months ago, SILVER A23's with machined sidewalls! Rich has a 28, 32 and 36 hole drillings.

We also have a limited number of these here in Michigan in 20 hole and 24 hole drillings. Contact you local dealer for pricing and availability on both the White and Silver A23!


After Hours 5-0

You might remember some 'extra curricular' activities that happened after hours a few weeks back. Well this is what happens when mix that, getting the new iLife '11, borrow a friends Flip camera and hang out after hours on Friday...





1. Speculate or theorize about fundamental or serious issues, esp. in a ironic or crued way. Often but not limited to the subject of bicycles.
2. Explain or argue (a point or idea) in terms of one's velosophical theories


There have been plenty of great thinkers throughout human history: Confucius, Newton, Barth, Kermit the Frog, to name a few. Often providing us with words of inspiration, purpose, clarity - to be quoted and used by the masses.

Go to any local bike shop, head to the back, to where the wrenches are... there you most likely find a sage, maybe even a prophet... commonly known as the Head Mechanic. Often clever, some times brash but in many cases holding a few perils of great price. Some times, if you're lucky you'll even see, just over their shoulder a sticker or two that echo this knowledge.

That sticker, you might have noticed, has a Velocity logo on it. And those are our Velosophies, which have deep roots both in the U.S. and Australia. These go back years, and are possibly timeless. We recently uncovered a list of Velosophies that have been used on those very stickers over the years but also many that weren't - all of which are waiting, ready to unleash themselves on the world.

A few such as...

'They say such nice things about people at their funerals that it makes me sad that I'm going to miss mine by just a few days.'

'Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right'

'Anyone can make a mistake. A fool insists on repeating it.'

There are plenty more to come and you can keep up with them on the Velocity Twitter. We'll post a few every week, so be on the look out. And remember...

'Time marks us while we are marking time.'


Bottom Cross

For some reason this Queen song was the first thing that came to mind when MD passed along information on the Hot Bottom Cross in Kansas City this weekend.

Regardless... for $5, a chance to win some stellar prizes from us, Chrome, PBR, and Volker Bicycles and a reason to get out on the bike in February. Hell yes! If you're in the KC area, get out and enjoy it Saturday afternoon.



In the last few days, I've seen more and more photos popping up on different sites concerning the ever growing Monster Cross bikes. From G-Ted to Prolly, plenty of people are talking about it, joining in and some are even going fixed. If you're not familiar with Monster Cross, Mike from Black Mountain Cycles, I think sums it up the best.
Monster Cross - A cyclocross bike on steroids?. Well, actually, just the wheels. It could be called a 28"er. Designed to accept 700cx45 tires, the Monster Cross bike is the "if-you-can-only-have-one-to-do-it-all" bike. Fit it with 37mm touring tires and head out for a week on the road. Throw on some 45mm knobbies and hit the trails.
Some load these up and tour where ever the path may take them, others use these for the growing epic gravel races and rides. Either way, the practicality and do all mentality is some thing I can understand and appreciate.

The great thing about cyclists is we are always looking for some thing new, some new challenge. With Monster Cross, it's been great to see our wheels and rims that we developed and designed for other uses being outfitted on these bikes. We could have never dreamed of using them in such applications at the time but attests to durability and adaptability of all Velocity products!

Over at the Rawland site, our Synergys were outfitted to their new rSogn.

Then over at Black Mountain Cycles, the A23 is being rocked on a few of the bikes they just built.


Rawland and Black Mountain are just a few of the many skilled frame builders, designers and companies that are pushing the industry and putting forth great products that we are proud to have our rims and wheels on!


Good Burger

A few months back we received a phone call from out west, telling of this new restaurant that was opening. Of course, we wondered how do we fit into this equation and really it's a simple one: stellar Food [excellent burgers] + bike theme = Spin Burger Bar!

What better to add to the decor than Velocity wheels. Anyone could throw wheels up on the wall and call it art but Jack of Jack Stubbs Construction designed and built in 2 months the exceptional piece of art for the restaurant with the goal of 'designing a sculpture that conveyed both a vision of the restaurant theme for Spin Burger as well as present a concept of bicycles and, of course, spinning.'

Goal achieved? For sure!

The concept and interior design for Spin Burger as a whole was designed by Bruce Benning of Benning Design Associates. As Jack began to work on the sculpture, he worked with MD and Paul to bring this dream into reality. Jack wrote us saying:

One of the best contacts in researching this project was finding MD at Velocity Wheels. His interest, professionalism and pure excitement for the project kept me moving forward! Along with, Paul, the wheel builder @ Velocity, MD’s design sense and product knowledge made the wheel selection an easy component to a difficult build.
Jack is an avid cyclist, throwing down miles on a sweet Colnago C-50 and conquering all 5 passes from the Tour of the California Alps, aka the Death Ride, last summer. That's only 139 miles and 15,000 feet of climbing. Oh, he rocks A23's too and loves them. Everything on themenu sounds amazing, I personally am intrigued by everything under the 'Wide Side' section. So if you are in the Sacramento area, support a fellow cyclist and a local business. Take a ride down the Spin Burger, have a beer and a great burger.


SE Touring

Some of the SE/Us Verses Them crew recently headed to Phoenix. Matt Lingo is putting together some pretty stellar video from the trip. Good to see DJ and Gus out doing their thing. Enjoy.

SE Tour: Day 2 from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.