Monday Reading

Alright, shake off the holiday haze. Make some extra strength coffee and start your day. Well, don't start too hard - pull up the new edition of Urban Velo and check out the article by the one and only Devan Mickell Council.

She's a great advocate for the sport and simply an encouragement for others, women and men included to get into riding more, plus she's pushing the envelope for what females are doing in the fixed gear free style scene. We're proud to have her on our rims.

So cue up you need to make it look like you're busy for a few minutes and enjoy having a little morning reading going while the boss isn't looking. Remember only 4 more days til another party!

And if you need a challenge. See how many Velocity wheels/rims you find in the magazine. Over-under is at... let's say... 12.



So we might be a little ahead of ourselves with the New Years, but nevertheless may your roads and trails be clear, and the temperatures fair this holiday season. Enjoy a good ride with friends and family as we celebrate Christmas! See you next week!


TNI: Top Ten

Just posted over at TwentyNineInches.com, the P35 was awarded #5 29er product of 2010! It's always great to hear of people loving our products and discovering for themselves why we state that we are 'the best name to ride with'. G-Ted also mentions the Velotape kits developed specifically for the P35 and his success with it. More reasons to get your hands on both P35s and a Velotape kit.

Here's his write up:

Top Ten 29″er Products Of 2010: Velocity P-35 Rim

December 22nd, 2010 by Guitar Ted

Editors Note: Yeah, yeah…..another year end review! Tis the season! So, here are my favorite things that have passed through the Twenty Nine Inches review process during the past year. I want to point out a few parameters that I used for what I chose here.

1. The product had to be in the review process during the time period of December 2009 through to the end of November 2010. Reviews that are currently in process I did not include and will be eligible for my 2011 Top Ten list.

2. They had to be products or bicycles that I personally used during this period. Nothing any of the other Twenty Nine Inches staff reviewed on their own could be considered for my list. This list doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone but me, Guitar Ted.

3. The reviewed products were provided to Twenty Nine Inches at no charge for review. I was not paid or bribed for this review. I will give/gave my honest opinion or thoughts through out.

That said, let’s get on with this

velocity09 015

Number 5: Velocity P-35 Rim: Velocity, in conjunction with Kirk Pacenti of 650B fame, announced a new rim in August of 2009. The Velocity “P-35″, (”P” for “Pacenti”, “35″ for the rim’s outer width in millimeters.), was to be offered in 26″, 650B, and 29″ sizes. Twenty Nine Inches received a pair of the P-35’s laced up to some nice Velocity hubs in December of 2009 and tested the wheels throughout most of 2010.

Why They Made The List: There are not many really wide 29″er rims out there. Kris Holm makes a couple, and there is the Salsa Cycles Gordo, (which we are hearing will be discontinued). So when we tested the Velocity P-35 rims it was with excited expectations that this rim would be a widely available, great performing set of hoops. They did not disappoint and Velocity even made a tubeless kit for them which came out in mid-2010. Bonus!

velocity09 002My Two Cents: The Velocity P-35 rims held up quite well for normal trail riding conditions. The generous inside rim width made our Maxxis Ardents (Number 10 on this years list) huge and would really work well with several other big, 2.4″ class 29″er tires. Velocity did their normal color tricks with the P-35 offering them in several anodized and powder coated options. What really elevated the P-35 on the list here is two things though: The P-35 is going to be the only widely available 28 plus millimeter rim option, and it now has a tubeless kit offered by Velocity to enable tubelessness. It is my opinion that any rim coming out going forward for 29″ers really needs to have a tubeless option, or be tubeless right out of the gate. Velocity didn’t have that when they introduced the P-35, but kudos to them for making the option available later. The kit works really well too, which is a definite plus, obviously. The P-35 is a great option for the front of a rigid single speed or rigid geared hard tail when matched up with a big, voluminous tire, or for light to normal full suspension duties on a 29″er. The P-35 is not the DH rim some may have wanted, but for the rest of us, it works a charm to put a bigger big wheeled footprint on our trails. That’s why it makes Number 5 on this years list.


No sleep till Brooklyn!

There is just some thing about handmade. The craftsmanship - the time put in - and then the payoff, the end product. This summer we worked with Jeff over at 718 Made in Brooklyn on one of his projects. I highly recommend going over and checking out his work, his current Subway Series is amazing.

We worked with him on a bike build that was also used for the Bedford Ave. Bike Racks. These are custom built to fit and display your bike. The bike was also a build from Brooklyn Machine Works, which was a limited edition 718 x Brooklyn Machine Works collaboration.

The bike was built up with blacked out B43 track wheelset with our Solid Flange, Hollow Axle Track Hubs. Overall, another great custom build.



Around a year ago we discovered a rather alarming fact... that Ryan and JBolt are distant cousins. With that reality, it only seems appropriate to have our first 2 for 1 'because we ride' posts. So today we will be showcasing Jbolt and Ryan's BMX bikes.

First I give you JBolt's write up:

I've ridden bmx for about 13 years. This is the first bmx bike that I've bought new as a frame and built up complete. As a 13 year old with no source of income (other than trying to get money out of mom or dad) I always bought, traded for, or got handed down used parts from the other
riders who were a few years older and had jobs and money. Around 4 years ago I was feeling a little loose with the money I had around Christmas time and decided to upgrade from my mid 90's S&M Holmes to something new. I took a trip down to Albe's on the east side of the state and spent like $550 on a frame, cranks, and headset I built this FBM with all new parts (so that I can eventually restore the piece of modern bmx history that is the S&M Holmes). It's by far the best feeling bmx bike I've had, even though with a 21.125 in. top tube its still too small.

* Frame: FBM - Deployer 21.125” t.t.
* Fork: Odyssey - Dirt Fork

* Stem: Odyssey - Elementary

* Headset: Kink

* Bars: FBM - Big Apes

* Cranks: Profile with gun drilled hollow spindle

* Sprocket: Fly 25t

* Pedals: 1 Odyssey pc and 1 Eastern pc

* Saddle: Fly with Haro post (cut to about an inch long) and Fit clamp

* Brake / Lever: Odyssey

* Tires: Fly and Maxxis

* And a couple of pegs.

Tied all together with Velocity P-35’s laced with DT Swiss spokes to the Velocity BMX hubs.

Bolt also wanted to make sure that his favorite BMX video was posted with this...

FBM Albert St. from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Now for Ryan's...

Yah, I'm getting older and even though the little crashes hurt more than they did in my younger days I continue to ride BMX. Why? Because it's FUN!! I'll be at the skate park tonight getting schooled by kids that weren't even born when I graduated from high school. Being the old guy at a skate park has its advantages though. I can take it easy, flow around the park, and watch the incredible progression of kids that ride.

There are definitely shredders in every town but it's the social aspect of the parks and trails that teach today's youth to be good people. They learn respect, encouragement, dedication, and how to take some ribbing from their peers. There are also obvious physical benefits from getting your ass off the couch and heading to the trails for a day of digging and riding. So what I'm saying is BMX is awesome and young or old, all you have to do is ride. Here's a look at my bike.

*Frame. Fly Luna (20.6 TT)
*Cranks. Profile Race
*Tiers. Odyssey PLYTE Rear and Maxxis Holy Roller Front.
*Stem. Primo Pro
*Chain Ring. Odyssey 30T
*Bars. FBM
*HS. Verde Integrated
*Saddle. Odyssey
*Brakes. Primo
*wheels. Velocity P-35s Tubeless. Yes I said tubeless. We rolled the P-35 in 20" for testing and it's working out rather well. They are wide, light, and since they were designed as a tubeless mountain rim I thought I'd give it a try. I used the same application on my 20" that we use for the mountain wheels and presto, tubeless BMX.


That's right, you heard right 20-inch P35's - tubeless.

Mind = Blown.

We've got a few of them instock also, offered in just a rim or complete as a wheelset.

Specs on the wheelset:

Front Wheel:
Rim - 20" P35
Hub - Velocity BMX front hub
Spokes/Nipples - DT Swiss Champion 3x, DT Swiss Brass Nipples
Weight - 830 grams or 1 pound 13.27 oz.

Rear Wheel:
Rim - 20" P35
Hub - Velocity BMX rear hub
Spokes/Nipples - DT Swiss Champion 3x, DT Swiss Brass Nipples
Weight - 1022 grams or 2 pounds 4.04 oz

P35 20" Rim Spec:
Colors available - black and white
Drillings available - 36 hole
Weight - 390 grams or 13.75 oz.

Contact your local bike shop for pricing.


Random Fridays.

A few events of note this weekend on the coasts...

The first is the Nutcracker III down in Florida tomorrow. No website to link you to but all the necessary information is listed on the flyer below. Lots of great prizes to be had, get out and support a good cause.

The second is on the West Coast out in California, Woodland Hills to be exact. Cross season isn't completely over - the So Cal Cross Prestige Series is having their season finale Santa Cross on Sunday. Costumes and celebrating another great season. Be there if you can.

And finally...

Truth be told, here in Grand Rapids there is quite the growing cycling community: last year being awarded bronze level status as a Bicycle Friendly community, having 11 shops, 2 bicycling ministry co-op's, 1 urban mountain bike park [with another on the way], miles of paved trails, access to multiple mountain bike trails just outside of town, a few frame builders, numerous road and mountain teams, a strong presence and advocating by the WMMBA, the growing bike polo community, and 3 bicycle company headquarters [just to mention a few things...]

One of these being our friends over at Slingshot Bikes. Slingshot has been around since 1982 and offers a unique selection of bikes. They recently released their new long sleeve cycling jerseys. Our wheels are offered on a number of the Slingshot models and we are pleased to be featured on their latest jersey. Get one today while supplies last.


The shot heard around the lanes...

Bolt just came through in the clutch with some more photos from the Christmas party...

I forgot to mention, there was money to be had.

And more trick shots.

Time to go viral, for your viewing pleasure, the shot heard around the lanes.
Jacobi's blindfolded strike.


On Tuesday, we celebrated the annual Velocity Christmas party with some food and some bowling. No photos from the meal, as I forgot to take any photos but we got some from bowling....

John came with a few tricks up his sleeve and gave us games within a game. There is a video of Jacobi's now infamous blindfolded strike that I'll try to get uploaded soon to share but for now, you'll have to stick with these...

I repeat... there was no cheating that occurred during the night.

It was simply a great night.


Thoughts on Winston's Brand

We recently received some of the Winston's Brand 5 star Cobble Cream and CX Warm Embrocation Cream here at Velocity Headquarters. For the last two weeks I've been trying out the Warm Embrocation Cream to see what it's all about.

Most might consider what follows a review of Winston's Brand but I must preface that these are more of just thoughts on the product since I have never used any warming creams, let alone can I say embrocation properly.

On that note, what is embrocation?

em·bro·ca·tion - n.
1. The act or process of moistening and rubbing a part of the body with a liniment or lotion.
2. A liniment or lotion.

Who is Winston's?

They are a two person [Aaron and Mary] and two dog operation based in Fort Wayne, IN. They are two very passionate cyclists who have educational backgrounds in science and a deep passion for the essence of cycling. As such, they love the people, races, and products that have helped to form the culture that surrounds cycling (and continue to do so). They love spring classics, cyclocross, cobble stones. They can oft be found romping in the dirt; ride the 29er revolution. They simply love to ride.

Handmade by cyclists here in the USA? Yes please! Needless to say, there is much to like about Winston's Brand even before we received the samples.

The 'testing' I put the warming cream through might be considered a little out of it's intended use but nevertheless seemed to have served well. Winston's Brand site states that the suggested use is for 'Dry Conditions down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit; Wet down to 45'. I pushed the suggested temperature range down to around 35 degrees.

How did I use the warming cream?

Commuting and Polo. That's right, I told you it was a bit out of the intended use. Normally in the late fall/winter when I commute I will rock knickers, a base layer, with a long sleeve wool jersey and a shell of some sort, depending on temperatures. When it get's below 40-45 degrees often I'll throw tights on under the knickers.

During commuting 'testing' phase, the temperatures ranged between 36 degrees and 45 degrees. I played around with how much I applied on my legs along with where. I started with what I considered a light amount of cream on just my calves and lower legs, since the rest of my leg was covered by the knickers. During the first ride, once I got on my bike and got going, I could feel the cream working, be that slightly [it's important to note once again that this was my first experience with warming creams and I did not know what to expect]. But after about half the ride it seemed to have lost any effect.

Back to the lab I went, the next few commutes I started to apply it on all of my legs, from my hip down. After 3 rides, I seemed to have gotten the amount dialed. During this time I was also playing polo with it on and not surprisingly, my commuting gear and my polo gear are much in the same. Polo sessions ranged between 2-3 hours long, in temperatures that dipped down easily to 35 degrees plus wind.

I really despise wearing pants when I ride in general and any time I can get away without I will. I've been trying to put to words how Winston's Brand CX Warm Embrocation worked or felt and the best I can say is that it takes the bite out of the cold and seemed to keep blood flow going and allowed my feet to also stay warmer.

For those of you who use embrocation creams frequently, I highly recommend trying it out. I don't think you'll regret it and it makes for a great stocking stuffer. I'll continue to use this and look forward to trying it out during a few gravel races I have tentatively planned this spring.


200 miles... in photos.

A few weeks ago Matt, Jacobi and Ryan along with group of others headed north for the very first Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial Ride. 200 miles - 2 days - Grand Rapids to Cadillac and back. Matt just got a few photos from the trip back on Friday.

Day 1...

Day 2...



Last week one of our riders, the one and only Ed Wonka, joined up with Nike and their NSW Crew. Some pretty stellar shots and a short video which you can see Wonka rocking the P35. Enjoy the weekend.