Don't Steal... bro.

On Monday, I was emailed by the one and only Tracko about having us donate some goods for the upcoming race at the Encino Velodrome - which we promptly got some Benny Gold rims headed out west. Unfortunately from the time of our correspondence word has spread that there has been a break in and items were stolen from their non-profit office. Below is from the president of Encino that Tracko posted recently posted that explains things better:
I am actually extremely upset to be sharing this news with you right now. Encino Velodrome is a non-profit organization which is run entirely by volunteers. Every volunteer works hard and puts so much heart into trying to keep the velodrome afloat. We don’t get paid (we’re volunteers), we’re in it for the love of the community. When crap like this happens it feels like a slap in the face.

For me, I’ve been working really hard to throw the Summer Race Series and raise some good prizes for the kids who race. Not only is it a bummer that some of those prizes were stolen, but repairing the door they busted will probably cost all the entry fee money we raised last Wednesday. I am sad. Thieves are assholes.

Anyway, here is the letter I received tonight from Kenny, the EV board president:

« I hate to report that there has been another break-in at the office of Encino Velodrome. Probably either Saturday night or Sunday thieves broke the back door of the office and got inside. Among items stolen were:
-White, very small size track frame
-Light blue, very small track frame with cut down Dura Ace cranks
-Yamaha loudspeakers, very large
-Tires and tubes
-Prizes for Wednesdays track race

If you see any of these items please contact me ASAP.

The velodrome has NO INSURANCE to cover these losses! Besides property loss, the damage to the door will be expensive to fix. The thieves have stolen from not just the track but from the kids who need these bikes! So if you have any information please let me know. These thieves are DIRT! They probably are people who come to the track and knew what was inside the office, so please don’t sit idly by while these people get away with this.

Thank you,

Ken Avchen
President- Encino Velodrome

Beyond dealing with inconsiderate drivers, those who steal hold a very special place in hell for me. If you happen to have any leads or information, please contact the crew at Encino.

And if you are out west, head to the race on August 10th. If for any reason to help support the non-profit Encino Velodrome, all entry fees go directly to the Velodrome itself. Spread the word!

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