Stolen: Ryan's IRO

The unfortunate reality is that we live in a world where some people believe that it's ok to take and steal rather than to save and earn what's theirs. Just a few hours ago, Ryan the manager of The Wheel Department here at Velocity, had the bike pictured above stolen. 

It is a black IRO fixie, built up on tie-dyed Deep V's, yes you read that correctly, tie-dyed; with a Brooks saddle and IRO crank, also features a Schwinn Predator sticker on the top tube. The wheels alone make this bike impossible to hide. 

Once again, the bike was stolen from the Red Jet Cafe tonight, 10-31-11, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please let Ryan know if you see it. Email him at ryan (at) velocityusa.com.  He also adds, please beat the person riding the bike mercilessly!

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