New A23 Rim Options & Colors

As most of you know, we're transitioning into a new era here at Velocity.  With production up and running in Florida, we are changing our color pallet and offering almost exclusively anodized finishes.

We recently received our first stock of red and blue anodized A23 rims!  These babies are available in 20, 24, 28 and 32 hole drillings, with machined sidewalls.  Also, our A23 Pro and Comp build wheelsets are now available in red and blue anodized colors. 

Also, we've received a small number of 18 hole black anodized rims for those seeking a lower spoke count. Black 700c A23 rims are now available in 18-36 hole drilling with machined sidewalls.

In the future, our stock color options for most rims will be black, silver, red, white, and blue, white being the only powder coat color.

Be on the lookout here for special edition color options!


  1. Any plans for colored NMSW A23's for us CX disc guys?

  2. Hi Lance,

    We're doing black, other colors can be made on request.


  3. How does one request a pair of red NMSW A23s? What would the lead time be?

  4. I'm interested in a set of NMSW in Halo coating -- even OC. As Tom, I'd love to know procedure and turnaround times.



    p.s.: Cool new colors!