Veloplugs: now US made!

Veloplugs, our popular rim strip alternative, are now proudly made in the United States. We moved our rim production facility to Florida awhile ago, and have been searching for a new manufacturer for our plugs while the remaining stock of Australian made plugs runs out. 

Mission accomplished: new US made Veloplugs

We didn't have to look far -- only about 2 miles to be exact. After a test run, we placed our first order for the US made plugs, made right here in Grand Rapids, Mich. Employees here have been testing them on their own bikes and are pleased to report that the domestic plugs fit the rims like a glove, and have been holding up great. 

For those not familiar with Veloplugs, here's a quick rundown of why they are awesome. Veloplugs:
  • can withstand up to 400psi (though your rims and tires can't, so don't test it!)
  • save about 15 grams over a cloth strip
  • are reusable
  • make tire mounting much easier
  • cost about the same as two rolls of conventional tape 

You can order yours here, or from you LBS. 

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