Wheel no. 560

Today marked the end of a multi-month 560 wheel order for The Wheel Department here at Velocity USA. Ridley Bikes contacted us this spring and asked if we could do 280 disc cyclocross wheelsets for their bikes, with our race decals. Eyebrows were raised at first, but in the end we all agreed it could be done, and it would be done, whatever it took.

Wheel #560 ready to leave the stand
It meant stickering each rim by hand, lacing each wheel by hand, and truing and tensioning 13,440 spokes -- by hand. Well, we did it, and we did it within the given time frame. It meant weekend hours, some early mornings, some later nights. I don't recall hearing a single complaint the entire time.

In the end we shipped 12 pallets of wheels, all hand built to the same standards we build ever other wheel that leaves The Wheel Department. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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