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Lots of things going on here at Velocity today. Of course we have the normal grind of wheel building, pulling and taking orders but we are also preparing for North American Handmade Bicycle Show and Frostbike coming up. Jacobi has been leading the charge on getting together custom and unique wheel sets for the Handmade show that will definitely catch your eye and hopefully make your jaw drop. You can rest easy that as Handmade draws closer I'll start to post some teaser photos of these. All of that topped with the construction of two new workstations and a photo booth we've got, as always, exciting things ahead.

On a cycling note... still haven't scratched your cyclocross itch enough? Like snow? Live in West Michigan? Here's your ticket, Versluis Snowcross at Versluis Orchards here in Grand Rapids. A great little event that's been happening the last few years. Another reason to get out and ride. More information go here and here.

On a completely different note, some of you have already gotten your hands on one of these, others of you may have yet to hear of them, and the rest of you might be on the fence with them. Carl Buchanan recently got his hands on our new bottle traps and will be giving his thoughts as on them as he gets some ride time with them on a number of his rigs. Carl is a 24 endurance mountain biker, cyclocross guru and has also been racing road for the last few years, all this to say he rides and knows what works and doesn't. He did do a little weight comparison in his initial impressions that caught my eye:

'The Velocity Bottle Traps came in at 30g each which is identical to the
Profile Design Karbon Kages that I had mounted on the SystemSix previous to this. I also have the Bontrager Race X Lite cages which weigh in at 26g.'

Lots of weight savings at a fraction of the price! Get yours!

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