It's hard to beat the original. The Aero rim might be one of my favorite looking rims we have. Although the P35, Blunt and A23 are definitely getting more of my attention lately. But like a parent with their children, I love them all but I have a soft spot for a few.

So this weeks Friday Highlight is our Track Aero Set. And why not, it's tried, true, proven [not to mention on sale!]

Built on our 32 hole solid axle, cutout flange track hubs and available in 16 different rim colors. Available from your local bicycle shop, contact them for pricing. Did a mention that they are on sale? Oh yeah! Get yours!

In Midwest? Do a little 700cMXing? Next weekend is the Midwest Mayhem Trick Competition over in the Milwaukee area. More information here, we sent over a Chukker wheel set for you all to try and get your hands on. Good luck!

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