As we all begin to awaken from the haze that was another 4-day weekend; getting back into the swing of the 5-day work week along with the realization that we are still, in fact, in the same decade. We, like so many, are looking forward to the coming year with great expectation: from the A23 rim/wheel set to the new reflective powder coating, which is only the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot in store for the coming year and can't wait to show it off!

The Grand Rapids New Years Day ride went on without a hitch. Ryan and Jacobi made it out and from all reports had a great time. Depending on which one of them you ask, it was a few short of the 100 riders the Founders guys were hoping for... either 50 or 70 riders. Some pictures from the ride will be up later this week.

A few things to put on your radar, for all you commuter/bike polo nuts, Amy Walker over at Momentum magazine has a little write up on the popular Chukker rim in their latest edition [which is available for free download, and shown to the right]. Also over the holiday I was able to pass on a P35 wheel set for review over to Guitar Ted and the Twenty Nine Inches / The Cyclist Site Laboratories. It's no secret that we're extremely excited about these rims and look forward to hearing what the 29er guru has to say about them. [By the way nice looking trap, Ted!]

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  1. How about putting a link to MOMENTUM magazine on your page under 'go', along with Urban Velo?

    Ron Richings