Around a year ago we discovered a rather alarming fact... that Ryan and JBolt are distant cousins. With that reality, it only seems appropriate to have our first 2 for 1 'because we ride' posts. So today we will be showcasing Jbolt and Ryan's BMX bikes.

First I give you JBolt's write up:

I've ridden bmx for about 13 years. This is the first bmx bike that I've bought new as a frame and built up complete. As a 13 year old with no source of income (other than trying to get money out of mom or dad) I always bought, traded for, or got handed down used parts from the other
riders who were a few years older and had jobs and money. Around 4 years ago I was feeling a little loose with the money I had around Christmas time and decided to upgrade from my mid 90's S&M Holmes to something new. I took a trip down to Albe's on the east side of the state and spent like $550 on a frame, cranks, and headset I built this FBM with all new parts (so that I can eventually restore the piece of modern bmx history that is the S&M Holmes). It's by far the best feeling bmx bike I've had, even though with a 21.125 in. top tube its still too small.

* Frame: FBM - Deployer 21.125” t.t.
* Fork: Odyssey - Dirt Fork

* Stem: Odyssey - Elementary

* Headset: Kink

* Bars: FBM - Big Apes

* Cranks: Profile with gun drilled hollow spindle

* Sprocket: Fly 25t

* Pedals: 1 Odyssey pc and 1 Eastern pc

* Saddle: Fly with Haro post (cut to about an inch long) and Fit clamp

* Brake / Lever: Odyssey

* Tires: Fly and Maxxis

* And a couple of pegs.

Tied all together with Velocity P-35’s laced with DT Swiss spokes to the Velocity BMX hubs.

Bolt also wanted to make sure that his favorite BMX video was posted with this...

FBM Albert St. from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Now for Ryan's...

Yah, I'm getting older and even though the little crashes hurt more than they did in my younger days I continue to ride BMX. Why? Because it's FUN!! I'll be at the skate park tonight getting schooled by kids that weren't even born when I graduated from high school. Being the old guy at a skate park has its advantages though. I can take it easy, flow around the park, and watch the incredible progression of kids that ride.

There are definitely shredders in every town but it's the social aspect of the parks and trails that teach today's youth to be good people. They learn respect, encouragement, dedication, and how to take some ribbing from their peers. There are also obvious physical benefits from getting your ass off the couch and heading to the trails for a day of digging and riding. So what I'm saying is BMX is awesome and young or old, all you have to do is ride. Here's a look at my bike.

*Frame. Fly Luna (20.6 TT)
*Cranks. Profile Race
*Tiers. Odyssey PLYTE Rear and Maxxis Holy Roller Front.
*Stem. Primo Pro
*Chain Ring. Odyssey 30T
*Bars. FBM
*HS. Verde Integrated
*Saddle. Odyssey
*Brakes. Primo
*wheels. Velocity P-35s Tubeless. Yes I said tubeless. We rolled the P-35 in 20" for testing and it's working out rather well. They are wide, light, and since they were designed as a tubeless mountain rim I thought I'd give it a try. I used the same application on my 20" that we use for the mountain wheels and presto, tubeless BMX.


That's right, you heard right 20-inch P35's - tubeless.

Mind = Blown.

We've got a few of them instock also, offered in just a rim or complete as a wheelset.

Specs on the wheelset:

Front Wheel:
Rim - 20" P35
Hub - Velocity BMX front hub
Spokes/Nipples - DT Swiss Champion 3x, DT Swiss Brass Nipples
Weight - 830 grams or 1 pound 13.27 oz.

Rear Wheel:
Rim - 20" P35
Hub - Velocity BMX rear hub
Spokes/Nipples - DT Swiss Champion 3x, DT Swiss Brass Nipples
Weight - 1022 grams or 2 pounds 4.04 oz

P35 20" Rim Spec:
Colors available - black and white
Drillings available - 36 hole
Weight - 390 grams or 13.75 oz.

Contact your local bike shop for pricing.

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