Random Fridays.

A few events of note this weekend on the coasts...

The first is the Nutcracker III down in Florida tomorrow. No website to link you to but all the necessary information is listed on the flyer below. Lots of great prizes to be had, get out and support a good cause.

The second is on the West Coast out in California, Woodland Hills to be exact. Cross season isn't completely over - the So Cal Cross Prestige Series is having their season finale Santa Cross on Sunday. Costumes and celebrating another great season. Be there if you can.

And finally...

Truth be told, here in Grand Rapids there is quite the growing cycling community: last year being awarded bronze level status as a Bicycle Friendly community, having 11 shops, 2 bicycling ministry co-op's, 1 urban mountain bike park [with another on the way], miles of paved trails, access to multiple mountain bike trails just outside of town, a few frame builders, numerous road and mountain teams, a strong presence and advocating by the WMMBA, the growing bike polo community, and 3 bicycle company headquarters [just to mention a few things...]

One of these being our friends over at Slingshot Bikes. Slingshot has been around since 1982 and offers a unique selection of bikes. They recently released their new long sleeve cycling jerseys. Our wheels are offered on a number of the Slingshot models and we are pleased to be featured on their latest jersey. Get one today while supplies last.

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