Monday Reading

Alright, shake off the holiday haze. Make some extra strength coffee and start your day. Well, don't start too hard - pull up the new edition of Urban Velo and check out the article by the one and only Devan Mickell Council.

She's a great advocate for the sport and simply an encouragement for others, women and men included to get into riding more, plus she's pushing the envelope for what females are doing in the fixed gear free style scene. We're proud to have her on our rims.

So cue up you need to make it look like you're busy for a few minutes and enjoy having a little morning reading going while the boss isn't looking. Remember only 4 more days til another party!

And if you need a challenge. See how many Velocity wheels/rims you find in the magazine. Over-under is at... let's say... 12.

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