Last month, the guys over at ZLOG posted their Most Inspirational FGFS riders of 2010. What do you know of the 10, 5 rock our stuff. Below are those riders along with why ZLOG choose them, it's no surprise to us but hopefully it'll help to inspire you.

Ed ‘Wonka‘ Laforte Why: Co-founder of Grime Bikes, 26″ fixed revolutionary,
and he is a big reason why people show up (and lose) at trick comps.

photo by Slumworm

Tom Lamarche Why: Balls the size of watermelons and they aren’t done growing.

Pulled from Wrahw.

Jakob Santos Why: Dude goes [...] big and isn’t afraid to show some ass.

Photo by eric hsueh

Mike Chacon Why: Young, determined, and I knew he was going places the very first time I saw him ride.

Photo by Nike

Justin ‘Congo’ Mitchell Why: His smile (and he texts me because he misses me sometimes).

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