A Polo Bike Experiment.

If you haven't noticed, we've kind of got the itch for bike polo of late. Everyone has played and about half of us play on a regular basis. For today, I figured show off my latest experiment for my polo bike. My former polo bike was much more traditional, much like Matt's former polo rig and Alex's, this one I'm playing around with a few new ideas[which I acknowledge are most likely just new to me]:

- the extremely set back seatpost [for wheelie turns]
- double pull brakes
- ladies frame

This could either be brillant or has the potential for epic failure. We'll see how it plays out.

Here's the spec on the new/old rig:

Frame: Schwinn Frontier
Crank: Raceface 180mm crank - 34T Surly Chain Ring
Stem/Handlebar - Cannondale C4 Stem shimmed down to work on 1" fork with a handlebar from an old Bridgestone handlebar - lots of sweep [also shimmed]
Seatpost: Black Ops set-back
Front wheel: 26" Velocity Aeroheat 32H - Robins Egg Blue [VIP] w/ gold nips and hub, 3X
Rear wheel: 26" Velocity Cliffhanger laced to a custom spaced SS hub w/ a 5-speed FW [chain kept on 26T]
Brakes: mix and match, from the double pull lever to the Red Tektro front from Jacobi to the old-new stock from Alger.

A tip of the hat goes to two shops, Alger Cycle - for having all the oddball parts instock and Europa Cycle - for having this old frame floating around that started the whole process.

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  1. kind of a cross between polo bike and soccer bike... i'm going with failure for polo though