Good Burger

A few months back we received a phone call from out west, telling of this new restaurant that was opening. Of course, we wondered how do we fit into this equation and really it's a simple one: stellar Food [excellent burgers] + bike theme = Spin Burger Bar!

What better to add to the decor than Velocity wheels. Anyone could throw wheels up on the wall and call it art but Jack of Jack Stubbs Construction designed and built in 2 months the exceptional piece of art for the restaurant with the goal of 'designing a sculpture that conveyed both a vision of the restaurant theme for Spin Burger as well as present a concept of bicycles and, of course, spinning.'

Goal achieved? For sure!

The concept and interior design for Spin Burger as a whole was designed by Bruce Benning of Benning Design Associates. As Jack began to work on the sculpture, he worked with MD and Paul to bring this dream into reality. Jack wrote us saying:

One of the best contacts in researching this project was finding MD at Velocity Wheels. His interest, professionalism and pure excitement for the project kept me moving forward! Along with, Paul, the wheel builder @ Velocity, MD’s design sense and product knowledge made the wheel selection an easy component to a difficult build.
Jack is an avid cyclist, throwing down miles on a sweet Colnago C-50 and conquering all 5 passes from the Tour of the California Alps, aka the Death Ride, last summer. That's only 139 miles and 15,000 feet of climbing. Oh, he rocks A23's too and loves them. Everything on themenu sounds amazing, I personally am intrigued by everything under the 'Wide Side' section. So if you are in the Sacramento area, support a fellow cyclist and a local business. Take a ride down the Spin Burger, have a beer and a great burger.

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