In the last few days, I've seen more and more photos popping up on different sites concerning the ever growing Monster Cross bikes. From G-Ted to Prolly, plenty of people are talking about it, joining in and some are even going fixed. If you're not familiar with Monster Cross, Mike from Black Mountain Cycles, I think sums it up the best.
Monster Cross - A cyclocross bike on steroids?. Well, actually, just the wheels. It could be called a 28"er. Designed to accept 700cx45 tires, the Monster Cross bike is the "if-you-can-only-have-one-to-do-it-all" bike. Fit it with 37mm touring tires and head out for a week on the road. Throw on some 45mm knobbies and hit the trails.
Some load these up and tour where ever the path may take them, others use these for the growing epic gravel races and rides. Either way, the practicality and do all mentality is some thing I can understand and appreciate.

The great thing about cyclists is we are always looking for some thing new, some new challenge. With Monster Cross, it's been great to see our wheels and rims that we developed and designed for other uses being outfitted on these bikes. We could have never dreamed of using them in such applications at the time but attests to durability and adaptability of all Velocity products!

Over at the Rawland site, our Synergys were outfitted to their new rSogn.

Then over at Black Mountain Cycles, the A23 is being rocked on a few of the bikes they just built.


Rawland and Black Mountain are just a few of the many skilled frame builders, designers and companies that are pushing the industry and putting forth great products that we are proud to have our rims and wheels on!

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