Rider Profile: Oscar Khan

Today, we start a new series on the blog appropriately called Rider Profile. A pseudo interview format with our Velocity sponsored riders from around the world. Today we feature Oscar Khan, from the U.K.. Enjoy.

Name: Oscar Beltane Tiger Khan (real name)
Age: just turned 18
Location: LONDON
Website: fixedgearlondon.com wrahw.com
Sponsors: 14 bike co, Velocity, Sadio, WRAHW, Vans, Dickies, Halo tyres, FGLDN
Cycling Specification: FGX (fixed gear freestyle)

How did you get into cycling?
OK: In the beginning I did it to get from spot to spot to skateboard but I started to ride the same spots on my bike and had just as muchfun. When I met the guys from FGLDN, I got really stoked on it and started doing it all the time.

How long have you been riding?
OK: I can't remember. I started just riding bikes about 3 and a bit years ago.
How did you get into FGFS [Fixed Gear Freestyle] riding?
OK: Mainly just hoping up and down curbs on the way to places and doing wheelies and stuff then I started being stupid and breaking my bike on stairs and stuff and needed stronger bikes.

Favorite place to ride?
OK: I really love going on trips and riding new spots, I get bored of the same old parks and spots. F*ck parks.
Tell a story of a ride or cycling experience you will never forget:
OK: Once on a trip to ride the Nike tunnel park Tom Lamarche drank like a crate of Red Bull and turned into a real skuz punk psycho, smashing cans and sh!t. Everyone got crazy and started fighting and tom threw up [hahahahahah] I smelt like red bull for days.

What are your plans for the future? (Upcoming season/year goals and aspirations)
OK: I'm going to New York in a month so anyone who wants to let me stay at their place can contact me. Aside from that I want to go Thailand to visit the Saio guys. Also I want to film something that is actually good.

What Velocity wheels are you using?
OK: P35

Thoughts on the wheels/rims?
OK: They're the widest, lightest wheels I know.

What kind of bike did you build around your Velocity wheels? (Bike Check)
OK: My custom 14 bike co frame allows me to run super fat 2.2 Halo tyres on p35s and still have loads of room. Aside from that mostly Sadio parts which are the best parts company that actually makes things specifically for fixed gear and some other miscellaneous brands for what Sadio don't (yet) make.

What do you do when your not on your bike (guilty pleasures, etc)?
OK: Smell bad, make really bad art, gatecrash partys, watch police chases from my balcony, listen to happy hardcore.

Westjam - Oscar khan & Ed Wonka from Hector Ward on Vimeo.

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