Meet an Up-and-Coming...

One of the most beautiful things about bike polo is not only is DIY nature and organic growth but also that it is not a sport dominated by one specific demographic. The sports growing popularity around the world with each country, region, state/providence, and club contributing to help develop it into some thing pretty amazing. One of those contributions happened this past May down in Austin at an event, the Ladies Army III.

Ladies Army pulled players from around the US for a weekend tournament of ladies bike polo. We were thrilled to be a part of the event as a sponsor. After the event we were reading reports of how spectacular the weekend was for everyone who participated and watched. A reoccurring name we kept hearing came from our great state was Quinn from Ann Arbor.

Back in January, you might remember a group of us headed to Ann Arbor for some pick up bike polo. That weekend we had a great time playing polo with and against players from Fort Wayne,Grand Rapids and A2. One of those players being Quinn.

Quinn threw down in Texas in May. So much so she took home the 'Up-and-Coming Bad Ass' Award, which meant she also received a Fleet Velo Joust frameset. We couldn't help but be excited for her and obviously - what is frameset without some new wheels?

On that note, we are proud to now have Quinn as part of the Velocity family as one of our sponsored riders. Quinn will be rocking our 48 hole Bright Silver Chukkers on that new polo rig of hers. If you're in Columbus this weekend, Quinn and Alex are going to be heading down to play in the Columbus Bike Polo Invitational. Say hello, watch some polo, and heckle a bit.

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