Rider Profile: Torey Thornton

If there is one of our riders that constantly makes my jaw drop it would be Torey Thornton, often seen going big off of things that simply should not be. We're privileged to have Torey as part of the Velocity family and today he answers a few questions for us. Enjoy:

Name: Torey Thornton
Age: 21
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Website: WRAHW.com
Sponsors: Breakbrake 17, Hold Fast, Tree Bike Co, Loosenuts Cycles, VAGX, Velocity
Cycling Specification: FGFS

V: How did you get into cycling?
TT: I watched the MASH trailer when I was in high school, and then visited NYC and saw all the messengers, and fixed gears ripping. I was hooked.

V: How long have you been riding?
TT: A lil over three years.

V: How did you get into FGFS [Fixed Gear Freestyle] riding?
TT: Anything that I do, I always think about the fun trick aspect of it, so as soon as I got my fixed gear I tried to wheelie it, and so on and so on.

V: Favorite place to ride?
TT: Baltimore, MD

V:Tell a story of a ride or cycling experience you will never forget:
TT: The first Midwest Mayhem was insane.

V: What are your plans for the future? (Upcoming season/year goals and aspirations)
TT: Shred more with the brothas, finish school smooth, boost WRAHW to its full potential.

V: What Velocity wheels are you using?
TT: P35s

V: Thoughts on the wheels/rims?
TT: Light, wide as #@%*, sickly colors

V: What kind of bike did you build around your Velocity wheels? (Bike Check)
TT: I ride a BB17 Charmer frame with some sick deformities that allow me to run 29s, the prototype for the new 29er prototype, fat dad 2.1 tires, oidas ass cushion, animal post, oidas forks, tree sprocket, profile cranks, steven hamilton pedals, hold fast prototype WRAHW straps, real tree stem, Immortis bars, grips from the odi mold.

V: What do you do when your not on your bike (guilty pleasures, etc)?
TT: Lady lovin, fooding, creating, web surfing wishing i was riding


Here is Torey's latest edit for his introduction as part of the Breakbrake17 crew:

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