Team Profile: Team Seagal

A little while back we started a series of posts of rider profiles. With more to come on specific riders we sponsor, we thought it's also important to start highlighting teams that we are privileged to work with. Like a parent, it's hard to pick a favorite but one of our most entertaining teams we sponsor would be Team Seagal.

I recently corresponded with Matt Grothoff from the team and must say it's worth the read. Enjoy:

Team Name: Team Seagal
Location: Missouri (mostly)
Website: www.teamseagal.blogspot.com

Sponsors: Pabst Blue Ribbon, The Hub Bicycle Company, Kona Bicycles, Flaco's Cocina, ByeKyle, Klunk Cycles, and of course VELOCITY!

Cycling Specification(s): Mountain, Cyclocross, maybe a road race from time to time

Team Roster: (Team roster link here, with photos) "Gino Felino," "Mason Storm," "Casey F. Ryback," "Torrez, Nico Toscani," "Dr. Wesley McLaren," "Orin Boyd," "Lawman," "Sasha Petrosevitch," "Samuel Axel," "Shop Ministor," "Marshall Lawson," "Forrest Taft," "Capt. Jack Taggert," "Cockpuncher," "John Hatcher," "Professor Robert Burns," "Lt. Col. Austin Travis," "Jonathon Cold," "Harlan Banks"

ALO: Team Mission/Motto/Saying?

MG: "Superior Attitude, Superior State of Mind"

ALO: How long has the team been together?

MG: 2006 A.D.

ALO: Why/How did it form?

MG: A group of 4 friends decided to come together to form a team for the 2006 24 Hours of Landahl mountain bike race with the intention of drinking beer in between laps. We came in 2nd place. (Out of two teams in our class.) Since then, our general no-pressure/maximum-fun approach to racing has brought us some notoriety within the local (and not-so-local) community. And it doesn't hurt that we stand on a lot of podiums, either.

ALO: Favorite places to ride? Why?

MG: Despite some of our members having moved to other states, the Ozark Trail (and adjoining loops) in southeastern Missouri could probably be considered our favorite stomping grounds. Most specifically the Middlefork Section, Trace Creek Section, Berryman Trail and Council Bluff. These trails offer nearly endless miles of beautiful Ozark terrain - which means long gradual climbs, and long, rippin' descents, the ability to ride no matter what the weather, and the promise of epic days in the saddle with friends.

ALO: Tell a story of a ride or cycling experience your team will never forget:

MG: There have been SO MANY amazing experiences, nearly all chronicled on our website, but I know that anyone who was there will not forget our past three CXMAS events. First year (2008) was single digit temperatures yet we still had a few dozen people ride and have a good time despite the frozen beer cans. The second year (2009) was frigid, covered in ice, and saw the riders fueled by bacon, whiskey, and lots of egg nog. In addition to that, we raised over $700 for GORC, our local trail-building organization. Third year (2010) continued the fun, but added more egg-nog induced vomiting, which is always good.

V: What team plans for the future? (Upcoming season/year goals and aspirations)

MG: Our goals are actually pretty simple - to ride/race more, and have fun doing it while challenging ourselves and others.

ALO: What Velocity wheels is the team using? Thoughts on the wheels/rims?

MG: You can find many different Velocity rims supporting our bikes, but some of the most common are Blunts, Dyads, Deep V's, Major Toms, P35's, A23's, and most recently, Blunt SL's. They perform damn well, look very classy, and are priced very well.

ALO: Bike Check. Highlight your team bikes (please provide photos):

MG: Oooweee, between 20+ people, it's an ever-changing stable of trusty steeds - most prominently featuring 29" singlespeeds. Our most common weapon of choice would probably be Kona's Big Unit, while a few others are on Ti rigs.

ALO: What does the team do when it’s not on your bike (guilty pleasures, etc)?

MG: 80s/90s action movies, drinking beer, and making jokes at Criss Angel's expense.

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