Old School

These came waltzing back through the door this week. It's been a while since we saw ya, 26" Aero's...welcome home.
These adorned the 'black chrome' Schwinn High Sierra MOS of Nancy Henriksson, sister of Velocity founding brothers, Tom and John Black. Nancy is a bit of a local legend around these parts, as the top female mileage holder in the internationally acclaimed 24-Hour Challenge. Though never ridden in 'The Challenge', these rims undoubtedly served Nancy's training well for many years.

For the historians out there, these are 26" (559) Aero rims, 32 hole in 'Neon Green' finish. The Aero was the only rim in our lineup for many years, and was used for recumbents, mountain bikes and road bikes all the same.

Besides neon green, you could also pick up these beauts in neon yellow, neon pink, and of course...black or silver.

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