Story Time with Quinn: Redemption

On Thursday, I received a message from Quinn, one of our favorite polo players - but we might be a little bias. We see her now and again, but she also keeps us up to date with where life has been taking her.  Today, sit back... relax... and enjoy Quinn little story of bike redemption.

Hey Velocity!

So I know this isn't polo related, but I have a pretty awesome story for you guys.

In October of 2010 I traded Kona Paddy Wagon that was way too small for me to a friend of mine for a Basso Columbus SL tubed Italian Road bike. The friend had purchased it from one of the local bike shops and road it around for commuting. Unfortunately, it had been stripped of most of its road bike parts and set up as a single speed, but it's still an amazing bike and I'm sure I'll have lots of fun finding old Campy road parts for it. So I made the trade with the friend, and was on my way to setting it up as a road bike.

I got a Cinelli stem for it, threw on my Cinelli road bars, some hooded brake levers and brand new handlebar tape. One of my friends had a Campagnolo road wheel set they were going to sell me so I started saving up for those, and at one of Ann Arbor's bike shops I found an old stock/new stock San Marco rolls white leather seat to match the bike/handlbar tape. After I put the seat on I could not stop riding the bike and I was super excited to race it in the "Night of the Living Tread" halloween themed alley-cat race in Ann Arbor that weekend. Also there was a Cyclocross race happening that weekend that I wanted to ride out to and check out the races.

But unfortunately on Friday October 29, 2010 a few of my friends and myself were out party hopping and we made a pit-stop on the way home at one of the cafe's I used to work at to go to the bathroom. I set the Basso right next to the front door with the u-lock locked to through the frame and front wheel, walked inside stood right next to the door waved to my ex-coworkers that my friends were using the bathroom and kept a close eye on my bike as literally 1 foot and a glass door blocked us. I turned towards one of my friends who had asked me something for literally 1 minute and turned back around to go outside and the bike was gone.

It had felt like my life flashed before my eyes in those 5 seconds of standing there realizing it was gone when I went into "child was just kidnapped from mother" mode and literally rampaged around downtown Ann Arbor all night long looking for it. We called the police, reported it stolen and for the next months I gave pictures of it to the police and my friends that worked downtown, I went to every single bike shop and left a photo and told them about it, spent hours on end everyday searching for it. I was super devastated and really mad at myself for that happening, but I never stopped looking literally up until yesterday when I received a text message from my best friend telling me to check my Facebook.

I was at bike polo so I sat out a couple games to figure out what was going on, check my facebook and saw that Matt Klute (a polo player in Ann Arbor) had posted a status that said "Just found Quinn's Basso".

I screamed so loud when I saw that and immediately called him. He said some bro had road past the Jimmy John's that Matt works at and Matt had stopped him asked him where he got that bike, took it back from him and apparently the "bro" had said that him and his friend were super black out drunk that one halloween and stole the bike that night. I asked Matt the condition of the bike he said it isn't rusty at all, and every single part I had on there including my clip less pedals that the bro had just been riding around with normal shoes on are still there.

I couldn't be happier, and I am so excited to see the Basso again when Matt brings it to the Bench Minor tournament in two weeks for me. When I get the bike back I am definitely taking it on one hell of a bike ride, and continuing to build it back up into a road bike like it should be.

I attached the only photo of it that I have. Luckily It was taken the day I bought the seat for it/the day before it got stolen.

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