We're pretty proud of our stuff...

Yesterday we got an email from Adam Pelzer, one of the fine gentlemen from our Australian counterparts, showing a bike he just finished up for his soon-to-be wife. It's a pseudo Bianchi, in that it has Bianchi stickers on it and is celeste; regardless it turned out to be a hot bike. It did make both Jacobi and myself a bit jealous that we don't have easy access to powder coating like Pelzer does.

Sure, you might be surprised that we would be posting a picture of a bike that's rocking Aerospoke wheels instead of our own Velocity wheels. To the eye you'd think that there isn't anything from us on their wheels but in all reality Aerospoke has been using our handbuilt Aerohead and Aeroheat rims, made in Australia, exclusively for around 16 years. [It might be important to note that our southern hemisphere friends are the Australian distributor of Aerospoke too].

Our ability to make high quality rims and wheels has not gone unnoticed by other companies in the industry. In the past we have made rims for Cane Creek, Easton, HED and American Classic to name a few. We also supply wheels for Invacare [specializing in wheelchairs] and WizWheelz [makers of the TerraTrike] and have a number of partnerships with brands like SE for their PK Ripper Fixed Gear [which is rocking our Chukker rim] and Volae recumbents [who use a number of our recumbent wheels]. From the fixie rider to recumbent cruiser, the mountain biker to someone confined to a wheelchair, our rims and wheels can handle just about any application you can think of. Our stuff is tried and true!

These are just a few of the many reasons why we and so many others consider Velocity wheels and rims to be 'The best name to ride with'!

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