Fridays are...

Fridays are... well, Fridays. Unless, that is, you went and got your face was melted off by ZZ Top like half the Velocity crew last night or you rocked a 10 mile ride on a high wheeler like Jacobi and I or you prepped for the 200+ mile weekend ride that Rach, Ryan, Jacobi, Matt and a few others are going on. Needless to say, we are firing at all cylinders today.

A riddle for you today... what is a bigger 'V' and mostly white with offsets of black?

A sweet Velociraptor wearing backpack???

A variable speed white ceiling fan?


A mildly awkward 'French connection Sydney stripe' V-neck cardigan?


A special edition B43 Track set with it's white triple walled, 43mm deep 32H B43 rim; professionally handbuilt on black solid flange, hollow axle Velocity Fixed/Freewheel Track hubs with white 14 gauge spoke and black brass nipples; offered at a killer price through your local bicycle shop, most assuredly providing all the stiffness, rigidity, strength and bling for your fixie?

[With no attempt at another run on sentence...] YES!

Get out and ride this weekend! Enjoy it and be safe.

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