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MSW or Machine Side Wall or cut sides or even simply silver sides. There are many different ways to call the braking surface on a bicycle rim. However you want to call it, machining allows for a consistent braking surface. If you do a search on the ol' intro-web, you'll find a number of differing opinions on whether a machined surface is necessary or not.

One of the many things that sets Velocity apart from other rim/wheel manufacturers is our ability and desire to provide you with a number of different color options. We offer both anodized, powder coated, and image rims to maximize the color choices for your personal style. Outside of our disc specific rims, most of rim are offered in both Machined [MSW] and NON Machined sidewalls. A machined surface is needed if you go with a wheel with powder coated or image rim but not absolutely necessary with the anodized [See Urban Velo].

All this to serve as a lead into a few rims of the many rims that we got in from Australia on Wednesday. We now have a limited number of 32 hole A23 NON MACHINED black anodized rims along with a full run of all the drillings [20, 24, 28, 32, & 36] of machined INSTOCK! As most are aware, the 23mm width partnered with a 700 x 23 tire provides increased control in cornering while not sacrificing rolling resistance; gaining all the benefits of a tubular tire without the hassle of glue, a 'clinch-ular' if you will. Coming in at around 440 grams as compared to the 564 grams in the Deep V, in rims alone it is possible to take around a half pound off of your bike.

So whether you are crit racer or one who rocks a fixie. Its hard to argue against the benefits you gain when switching over to the A23. This is a rim that is truly pushing the envelope in all aspects of cycling, as riders are discovering more and more possible applications for it.

As always, contact your local bicycle shop for pricing and to get yourself a pair!


After a short week, it's the weekend again and looks to be a good one. Get out and ride a bit. It's the right thing to do.


  1. Hi,

    Here you give the A23 weight as about 440g; on the website link above it says 426g. Can you give a weight weenie a "precise" weight? And, any date set for when the A23 wheelset will be available?


  2. Barry-

    The weight listed on the main site is correct. I weighed this rim right before taking the picture. Along with most other rim manufacturers, we have a +/- 10% weight variance on our rims in relation to our listed weight. This particular rim comes in well below that at around +3%.

    Also I just weighed an equivalent A23 32 hole with a MSW and it comes in 8 grams lighter at 432 grams. I'm sure if I weighed more we would encounter a few that were less than the listed 426 grams.

    As for the A23 wheelset, I don't have a firm date yet but we are waiting to receive the hubs. They will be hitting Velocity headquarters here in Grand Rapids in the next few weeks. Trust me when I say, everyone will know when these are available!

  3. Hi,

    thats a bit weird. I try to get a response from Velocity for more than 5 weeks already. I just asked where to get the black A23oc 32h non machined in Europe or Germany. They do not offer overseas shipping. That sucks. What sucks most - they care shit about customers.


    1. Send me an email at seely [at] velocityusa [dot] com and I'll see what we can do to help you out. We distribute through Brick Lane in most of Europe, so we should be able to help you out through them.

    2. I tried this as well as my wheelbuilder tried this. He already has a dozen other customer waiting for months now. Brick Lane is not giving us a delivery date. We don't know where the bottle neck is - we just know that there is a huge demand off your A23 oc nonMSW over here.

      Already ordered one piece, have to bear some high shipping cost. But if you could cross check with Brick Lane to make a supply through them... would be marvellous.

    3. I'm told they will be in BLB's hands very shortly. Most of our international customers try to order as large a quantity as possible to reduce shipping costs, so there may be some gaps in the supply chain from time to time.