Introducing Velocity Velotape

When we released the P35 last year, it was designed around the growing demand by XC and All-Mountain riders for a wider, laterally stiff rim that did not sacrifice weight. The P35 has met that challenge and then some, providing riders with all the added float, footprint and 'virtual' suspension they have desired. It was no accident that the webbing of the P35 was designed to be tubeless-ready without the need for a molded strip; as many riders have already discovered, tubeless conversion consisted of the use high pressure tape and a valve.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been developing our own tubeless tape kits to sell with the P35 rim. After months of testing, we are proud to finally announce the newest addition to our line: Velotape. Velotape is a kit that includes: 1 - 10 meter long x 24mm wide transparent tape and 2 - high quality tubeless valves with removable cores [enough to wrap 2 29"/700c rims]. Designed specifically to provide a simple and reliable way to convert the P35 tubeless.

This past month we sent out a wheelset out to Brian at Grams Light Bikes, who has recently reviewed the wheelset with the new P35 specific: Velotape installed says this about them:

'They were easy to set up tubeless, with either UST or normal tires, and popped up without any issue. Their blue tape (not yellow!) tubeless system worked well, and I had no issues getting my usual assortment of tires to bead up on the rims. The rear wheel required sealant to hold air, but I use sealant with all my tubeless systems, so it was a moot point. I stuck on a set of Conti Rubber Queen 2.4 UST's the other day, and they popped on like butter...'

Below is our official press release for our Velotape:


(Grand Rapids, MI) Velocity is proud to announce Velotape, the newest accessory in the Velocity line. Velotape is specifically designed to convert P35 rims and wheelsets tubeless. The kit includes 10 meters of transparent Velotape and 2 high quality tubeless valves with removable cores; enough to setup two 29” P35s. Installation is easy, requiring only a small punch and sharp scissors. Velotape is available through any local bicycle shop or online dealer for around $24.99. Detailed information and installation instructions can be found at www.velocityusa.com.

For use in: Velocity P35 rims/wheelsets
Length/Width: 10 meters X 24mm wide
Included in package: 2 tubeless valves with removable cores and 1 roll of Velotape
Tools needed: scissors and punch


  1. YES!!! I will be ordering mine today! Any chance we will see a Blunt version of this fine looking set up?

  2. As right now, no. The Blunt's webbing does not allow for rim tape to be the solution to converting to tubeless. There are a number of kits on the market that can do so.

  3. tried it, didn't work. the stems don't fit proper and the tape doesn't seal. I have done a few different tubeless setup's and using duct tape with a stem with removable core has been the best. Was hoping this was basically the same thing (which it is) but the tape doesn't hold to the rim and seal.. held air, but every ride I was leaking sealant out around the stem bolt.. new stem, same issue. not the stem but the tape. full review can be found here.


    it's too bad, I really like all my other velocity stuff..

  4. Thom-

    Thanks for your input. We always welcome critique, review and thoughts on all of our product. We are always looking to ways to improve and innovate. It upsets us, just as much as it did for you, not to be able to set-up your P35's tubeless. We do have a a few tips for successful installation that might remedy what you've encountered.

    We take customer satisfaction seriously, please contact me at adam@velocityusa.com. We would love to take care of you.

  5. Been in contact with Adam, Velocity has some ideas and have been great about trying again and support, will keep an update on ECTRR!!
    (cudos to Velocity for it's interest and personal service to it's customers!!)