Devil's Night

For the last 3 years, Ryan has been putting on a little Devil's Night Shin-dig. This year was no different and a solid turn out to say the least. The Poker Run had 5 planned stops and one diversion for 'refueling'. A great night to say the least, a few pictures...

En Route...

Matt as Ernest M. McSorley the captain of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald and myself as Walter Sobchak

JBolt on the tall bike as a kitten

Ryan as Huey Lewis...

and the Nug, by Alex [rocking a tandem, camera man]

2nd to last stop, the Bike Polo court.

A few of the other riders from the night....
Winner of best costume... Hulk Hogan.


Banana man. Smurfette. Walter.

Good times had by all, can't wait til next year.

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